horodmap2HORODENKA (Gorodenka)

Lat./Long. coordinates: 48.40/25.30; App. 50 Km NW of Chernovtsy

Some nearby towns: Czerniatyn, Horodnica, Tyszkowce, Siemakowce, Potoczyska, Serafince, Jasienow Polny, Strzylce

This web site is dedicated to the study of Jewish family history in the area around the town of Horodenka, now in Ukraine, but formerly part of Poland and the Austrian province of Galicia. Genealogists with non-Jewish ancestors from Horodenka may also find useful information on the site.

Historical documents from as far back as 1579 mention Horodenka, a small town in Eastern Galicia. Although there is some evidence that Jewish families lived in Horodenka in the early seventeenth century, the first documentation of organized Jewish life dates to 1743, when Jewish merchants from the town are recorded among the visitors to the International Fair in Leipzig, 1739-1748. Documents of the period 1870-1927 show that the percentage of Jews in the overall population of the town ranged between 33% and 40%.

The Jewish presence in the town essentially ended during WWII. In 1941 and 1942, during three separate "Actions," German military units and Ukrainian auxiliaries rounded up and murdered over 3,000 adults and children from Horodenka and the surrounding area. (from Sefer Horodenka)

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Consider a contribution to the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland project. Birth, Marriage, and Death records for the years 1899-1909 (not all records for all years) are now available, but only when enough funds have been raised to index them.

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