The Ring Family from Uscie Gorlickie
(10.5 miles from Gorlice)

Back row:  Baruch (Benjamin),
Chaim (Hyman), Isaak (Irving)
Front row:  Gitel (Gladys), Neche (Nettie),
Avram (Elmer), Sarah (Sylvia),
who was the author's mother-in-law

Photo taken in Gorlice, early 1900s,
and made up as a postcard.
(Three older children
were already in America.)

            Chaim Ring owned a tanning factory which had originally belonged to his parents, Marcus and Gittel Ring, in Uscie Gorlickie (then called "Uscie Ruskie").  Chaim and Neche Ring, together with the children in the photograph, immigrated to America in piecemeal fashion not too long after this picture was taken.  They lived first in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, eventually settling in Newark because of the tanning industry there.

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