The Jewish Museum Project

Giraltovce, Sept. 2010

By Eng. Gabi Lana


The activities during the year 2010 were concentrated in the advancement of our mini-museum  project.


I have collected items from  friends and with the help of volunteers I have sent them to our big friend Peter.


In September 2010 we opened those items in the delivered packages and together with a recruited team we arranged a temporary exhibition.


The opening ceremony



Guests listening to the welcome music


Tania, Miro Dojc, Gabi

The invited guests






On this occasion Jan Juris, the primator, gave us a promise for an allocation of a proper room for the permanent exhibition.

This will be in a part of the building of Obecny Dom. (A photo of the Obecny dom appears in the Political History chapter of this site.)


The Collected Items of Jewish Heritage


General view on the hall

Women concentrating on displayed items



Left side with pictures


Ceremony glasses and match holders


Noisy rattlers/clappers and carnation box

Talitot and covers




Send Old Photographs


An additional item suitable for decorating the mini-museum  walls are   P H O T O S of the ancestors (parents, grandparents, families)  from Giraltovce. If possible, not less than A5 in size.  

Send them please to MSc Peter Kimák-Fejko, riaditeľ základnej školy, Budovateľská ul. Giraltovce 1640871 Slovak Republik.  


 Pressburger Yom Kipur cantor mockup with Tania and Gabi


Friends of the cantor (mockup donated by Shula Niri)

Peter liked the cantor too


The great painting (donated by Sara Peles) and  shofar   


Chanukiot, tefilin, covers


Left side view

Part of the exhibition


Refreshment after the visit



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