D i f f e r e n t        g r o u p s

The statue In memoriam of the heroes from WW1.     At the south entrance of Giraltovce.




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F i g h t e r s   i n   p a r t i s a n   t r o u p s

Deutsch Jankel Friedmann Tibi

 Seidenfeld Jozko

 Stark Bubi Schreiber Lali   Schreiber Bori


E x t e r m i n a t i o n   c a m p s    s u r v i v o r s

Berger Chaim Friedmann Agi Friedmann Eva (Matovce)
Froehlich Laci Grossmann Rachel Rosenberg Marishka


R e c r u i t e d    t o    t h e   6 t h.   b a t t a l i o n   

Berger Josl

       Gutmann Laci  Mendlovic Mose
 Friedmann Mayer        Gutman Edo  Rosenblut Mose
   Froehlich Laci  Lichtenstein Imi - Lana  Seidenfeld Jozko
 Gruenwald  Hersi        Lichtig Lebis   Waechter Berl   
 Gruenwald Lebis      Mendlovic Lebis   Ziegler Yehuda


On January 31,1941 the Jews and the Gypsies were excluded from Slovak army units. The 6th labor battalion was set up for the Jews and Gypsies.



We   Shall   Never   Forget!

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