G e o g r a p h y

Giraltovce is a shtetl in north-eastern part of Slovakia. Has today 4271 inhabitans.

It is situated on the stream Radomka and near the river Topla 24 km north-east of Presov. 

It is 210 m above the sea level. The coordinates are: 4907N 2131E. Postal code: 08701.

P o l i t i c a l     h i s t o r y

The first written testimony about Giraltovce originated in 1416.

The nobles from Drienov initiated the settlement of a group of villages : Valkovce, Matovce, Fijas, Francovce and Giraltovce in the 14th century.


"Obecny dom" soffices.jpg (8328 bytes)- includes notary, tax and post offices. In the 1930's Bela Lustbader the notary and Freimann, head of the tax office occupied the official flats.





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Until 1918 this region was a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. From then until the Munich agreement in September 1938 it became a part of the Czechoslovakian Republic. On March 14, 1939 the Slovakian State was proclaimed . In 1945 the Czecho-Slovakian Republic was back till  1993, when this state came apart and was divided into two states : The Czech and the Slovak Republics.


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