Germiston, South Africa



Germiston Pioneers Celebrate Golden Wedding

  1. Z.Liknaitzky (left) hands Mr. L. Neifeld (right) the key to open the Succah.  With them are Rabbi Bender and Mrs. Neifeld.

Two pioneers of Germiston Jewry, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Neifeld, were honoured by the United Hebrew Institutions of Germiston last week on the occasion of their golden wedding, which they celebrated by presenting a Communal Succah to the Synagogue they both helped to build.

Dedication of the Succah took place on the day of their golden wedding, and was preceded by a special service at the Synagogue, at which Rabbi B. Bender extolled the work which Mr. and Mrs. Neifeld had done for Germiston Jewry, and praised their generosity in celebrating a personal simcha so unselfishly and meaningfully, through their presentation of a Succah to the community which they had both helped so considerably in their communal work.

Rex. I Kaminer impressively conducted the service, which was followed by the official opening of the new Succah and the unveiling of commemorative plaques recording the gift.

The large gathering thereafter adjourned to the Synagogue Hall, where a reception was held. Rabbi Bender proposed the toast of the respected couple, Mr. Z. Liknaitzky, president of the congregation, paid tribute to them on behalf of the United Hebrew Institutions, and Mr. Morris Nestadt, M.P.C., of Benoni, associated himself with the sentiments expressed by Germiston leaders.

Presentations were made to Mr. and Mrs. Neifeld on behalf of various organizations, and Mr. Neifeld suitably responded to the speeches.

Mr. and Mrs. Neifeld were accompanied by their daughters and sons-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lain and Dr. and Mrs. Israel Kessler, and their sons and daughters·in-law, Mr. Max Neifeld, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Neifeld and Dr. and Mrs. Hymie Neifeld, as well as by their grandchildren.