Gdańsk, Poland


19 October 2016

Hi Eli


Michelle Urban forwarded your email regarding Gdansk. My parents were born In Kalisz but lived in Gdansk or as the Free State of Danzig as it was known at that time. My sister Judy was born in Danzig in ’38 and my parents worked there as tailors. I have an old postcard that my father sent my mother from Danzig to Kalisz. 


I’m happy to send the postcard and any the documentation I have relating to Danzig.

I was born in Shanghai in 1947 the youngest child of Joseph/Yosef Zilbersztein and Zelda Haze. My father Joseph was born on 13 October 1909 in Kalisz, Russian Empire and my mother was also born in Kalisz on 22 October 1912.

Rose Miriam Raymen


The Zylberstein Family of Poland, China, Israel & Australia


Birth of Josef Zylberstein on 13 October 1909 in Kalisz, Russian Empire

Birth of Zelda Haze on 22 October 1912 in Kalisz, Russian Empire

Marriage of Josef Zylberstein and Zelda Haze on 17 March 1938 in Danzig-Langfuhr

Birth of their first child Jetka in 1938 in Danzig-Langfuhr

Departure for Shanghai, China on the SS President Doumer 1939

Arrival in Shanghai 14 May 1939

Birth of their second child Lew in 1941 in Shanghai

Birth of their third child Daniel in 1944 in Shanghai

Birth of their fourth child Rosi Mirjam in 1947 in Shanghai

Departure for Israel on the SS Wooster Victory on 23 December 1948

Arrival in Haifa, Israel on the SS Negba on 14 February 1949

Departure of Jetka for Australia on the SS Oronsay in 1955

Arrival of Jetka in Australia on 24 May 1955

Arrival of Josef in Australia on 2 July 1956 by Qantas Empire/British Airways

Arrival of Zelda, Lew, Daniel and Rosi in Australia on 14 December 1956 by Qantas Empire/British Airways

Departure of Jetka for Israel on the SS Australia on 29 July 1959