Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

List of Gargzdai Jews killed in June and September, 1941

This list of 78 persons was compiled by the Gargzdai Town Secretary during the War. It is now kept at the Gargzdai Area Museum.

The original list is handwritten and does not contain a title. On the transcription below, the brackets {} indicate different handwriting, apparently resulting from a second contributor making additions to the original list. The symbol (?) indicates an uncertain reading.

This list includes 78 names (#27 and #58 are duplicates, but an unnumbered entry for Zusmanovich Brothers is listed between #3 and #4). This represents only a fraction of the total number killed, which is believed to be over 500 (200 men on June 24, 1941, and 300 women and children on September 14 and 16, 1941).

Older Browsers cannot read the Lithuanian character: "č" which is pronounced ch. If your Browser does not show c with v-shaped accent mark in the preceding quotes, click here for an alternate version of the List which uses English letters.

Number on List      Last Name  First Name
1 Šalmaniene Gite
2 Heling Leib
3 Fišcz {Jankel}
[3a] (no number listed) Zusmanovičiai Brol.
4 Šlumovičiene Sara
5 Zusmanovič Aron
6 Štak Vulf
7 Fridman -
8 Bril Jankel
9 {Gamie} Zlate
[10] Olšvangeriene Taube
11 Urješiene Braine
12 Markovič Volf
13 Šeinberg Jakob
14 Melamed Mikel
15 Goren Leib
16 Zusmanovič Hene
17 Ošerovičius Leibe
18 Ošerovič Mote
19 Man Josel
20 Funk Elija
21 Šer Mauš
22 Benikson {Jakob}
23 Mejirovič Girš
24 Baniene Chane
25 Akarman Leib
26 Benikson -
27 Šaus Jankel
28 Ban Judel
29 Šavel Leib
30 Šavel Mote
31 Volfovič Mote
32 {Kirp} (?) -
33 Blis Jankel
34 Rubinštein Samuel
35 Liurij Gite
36 Liurij Jankel
37 Akarman Gite
38 Lam David
39 Areinštein Joel
40 Litvin Hone
41 Hirc Hirš
42 Pil Icik
43 Ban Josel
44 Mejerovič Zelman
45 Ošerovič Josel
46 Volfovič Elija
47 Pots {Arnštein} Hirš
48 Šapiro Šabsel
49 Peiros Josel
50 Barkan Josel
51 Reyrel Joel
52 Bereloviš Josel
53 Šer Abram
54 Erman Icik
55 Erman Rubin
56 Melamed Mikel
57 Faktor Icik
58 Šaus Jankel
59 Platusiene Lise
60 Korb Man
61 Akarman Mote
62 Jabšic J. {Januk} (?)
63 Oksman -
64 Zilberg Rosa
65 Volfovič Šmuel
66 Falk Zunde
67 Falk Hide
68 Zusmanovič Roha
69 Zalkinovič Zunde
70 Goren David
71 Meisachovič Elija
72 Abromkaler -
73 Joselis Joselovičius
74 Igelštinas Leizeris
75 Traub Fride
76 Zusmanovič Šaja
77 Hiršovič -
78 Benikson Sara

George Birman has supplied the following commentary regarding the people he knew from the list of the 78 :

2.    Leib Helling:    Had a store at the N.W. corner of the marketplace.

8.    Jankl Brill:    Had a small store at the western edge of the market square.  He was the brother of Taube Olšvangeriene.

10.     Taube Olšvangeriene: My grandmother, had the largest textile store 

20.    Ella Funk:  a butcher

21.    Mauša Šer:    a butcher

22.    Jacob Benikson:    had a store (dry goods) at the south edge

27.    Jankl Šaus:     had a small store on Klaipedos St.  He also had a library, where the Esperanto group met.  His brother, Chaim Schaus, was a famous Jewish writer in the United States.

33.    Jankl Blis:    a lumber merchant and also head of fire brigade

36.    Jankl Lurie:    had a large plot on Klaipedos St.

38.    David Lam:    the head of the Yiddish grammar school

49.    Josel Pieros: the chasan

50.    Josel Barkan: the Shochet

62.    Jankl Javsits: A large lumber merchant and bank owner in Klaipeda

63.    (George) Oksman: the leading M.D.

64.    Rosa Zilberg: a midwife

65.    Samuel Volfovič: had a tannery 

66.    Zunde Falk: a large merchant

71.    Elia Meisachovič: the pharmacist  

74.    Leizer Igelstein: an M.D.

Note:  Other information indicates that Elia Meisachovič, the pharmacist, and his wife Fanya, perished in the Kovno Ghetto. Gorzd Yizkor Book, p. 351
They died in the infamous  "Grosse Aktion"  of October 28, 1941, in which numerous residents were selected for execution.  Interview with Brigitte Friedmann Altman, December 19, 1989, University of North Texas Oral History Collection, No. 849, p.59.

Each listed name may represent many family members.  For exampe, while the above list shows Mauš and Abram Šer (#21, 53), the Yad Vashem database lists 14 Shers, perished in Gorzd: Avraham (a butcher), Pere (his wife), their children Barukh, Yaakov; Moshe (a butcher), Tova (his wife), their children Yehudit, Feiga, Yisrael, Yosef, Feibush; Khaim, Rala (his wife); and Hertzel.

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