Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

Karte des Deutschen Reiches (1913 - 1915)

Sheet 4 - Paaschken-Szweksznie

Scale in meters
1000 meters = 0.62 miles
Scale = 1:100,000
Kartogr. Abteilung der Kgl. Preuss. Landesaufnahme 1913
Printed 1915
Ausgabe für Grenzschutzzwecke [Edition for Purpose of Border Defense]
Geheim! [Secret!]

Paaschken including Vezaitines

Words and Abbreviations used on map:

Note: The non-italicized numbers (such as 221 under the Gorzdy town name) indicate the number of dwellings in the town. The italicized numbers represent elevation in meters.

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