Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

Comparison of Russian Map of Estate Lands Surrounding Gargzdai (1886)
Karte des Deutschen Reiches (1860, New Edition 1880, Suppl. 1910)

The following animation compares Russian Map of Estate Lands Surrounding Gargzdai (1886) with  Karte des Deutschen Reiches, Sheet 4, Paaschken (1860, new edition 1880, supplemented 1910).  A comparison is helpful because the Russian map omits the town itself and other lands not part of the Estate.   The omitted areas may be filled in by comparison with the German map, which is the complete map closest in time to the Russian one. 

At top of page is a .gif animatiion, which may not be visible in some browsers or operating systems.  At bottom are two blended versions showing both maps.

ANIMATION - 1886 and KDR 1860

1886 and 1860

1886 and kdr large 

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