Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

Comparison of Aerial Photographs (1945) with

 Russian Map of Estate Lands Surrounding Gargzdai (1886)

A comparison between Russian Map of Estate Lands Surrounding Gargzdai (1886) with  aerial photos # 158 and 157 shows that many features on the ground in 1945 had been carried over from the time of the Estate.  

Comparison is not an exact process because of inaccuracies in map, distortions in photographs, and impossibility of any flat map or photo to duplicate curvature of the earth.  Different comparisons are possible, depending on which features are aligned.

In each pair below, the top image is a .gif animatiion comparing the map and photographs, which may not be visible in some browsers or operating systems.  The bottom of each pair is a blended version showing the map and photographs.


1886 and 157 and 158

compare russian 1886
            and aerials a

compare 1886 russian and aerial jpg

larger view of palace and

larger view - blended

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