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Known Synagogues

SINAGOGA MESERIASILOR, str. Dornei 11, 6200 Galaţi, Romania.
Avram Vacs is President of the Galaţi Jewish Community (March 2000.)
Photo courtesy of Herbert Lewis-1999.

Synagogues no longer in existence

Photos courtesy of Herbert Lewis, 1999.
Abandoned, but unidentified, Galaţi synagogue
Detail of abandoned Galaţi synagogue
Detail of abandoned Galaţi synagogue

Cemetery Information



Galaţi is a port on the River Danube in Moldavia in Eastern Romania where Jews first settled at the end of the sixteenth century. The Chevra Kadisha administered Jewish communal life starting in the eighteenth century. A 1796 blood libel prompted atrocities against the Galaţi Jews. In 1812, Greek revolutionaries burned several synagogues, as did local Greeks again in 1842. A 1846 pogrom saw synagogues looted and Jewish houses and shops destroyed. The 14 April 1859 Blood Libel pogrom resulted in many Jewish deaths. In 1867, among others expelled from Romania, a number of Jews drowned in the Danube near Galaţi, provoking Europe-wide protest. Finally, Jewish bakers, refusing to break the strike of their fellow workers and party members in 1893, were expelled. Jewish artisans and merchants participated actively in Galaţi's economic and commercial development throughout the period of their presence in the town.

Jewish Population Statistics
1894  14,500  
1910  12,000 22%
1930 19,912  20%
1942 13,000  
1947 13,000  
1950   9,000  
1969  450  

Before World War II, twenty-two synagogues, a kindergarten, two elementary schools for boys and one for girls, a secondary school, a trade school, a hospital, an orphanage, an old-age home, and two mikvahs served the Jewish community. A cultural-religious society, a Zionist society, a youth organization (Zeirei Zion) and a "culture" club also existed for Galaţi Jewry. World War II Nazi persecution did not totally obliterate Galaţi Jewry; however, emigration subsequently severely diminished any Jewish presence in Galaţi.


Holocaust Documents


T/1033 Letter from Richter to the German consulate in Ga-latz, proposing that a surprise raid be made on the Jews in the city to ascertain which Jews have failed to report for the census; Bucharest, 3.9.42 (BO6-575, Vol. II, p. 868)

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume 6 TRANSLATION OF DOCUMENT 3319-PS

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