Działoszyn Register of Births -  1810 ~ Akt 117 ~ The town of Działoszyn. In the year 1810, on 11th December at 6 p.m. In front of us, the parish-priest, the civil clerk of Działoszyn borough, in the district of Wielun, in the Kalisz voivodship, the Jew Mosiek Dawidowicz, an inn keeper who is 45 years old, residing in Działoszyn, personally came forward and presented to us a female baby. He declared she was born in his inn, under (premises) number 191, on 9th December of the current year from his lawful wife Estera née Wołkowicz, 42 years old. He stated that he wished to name the baby Tauba. When that statement had been declared and the baby was presented to us in the presence of witnesses, the Jews Icek Herszlikowicz, a merchant, 41 years old, residing in Działoszyn and Herszlik Ickowicz, a baker, residing in Działoszyn, 35 years old, the registration [akt] was read to the witnesses and signed by all of us. Priest Wojciech Szymanski, Działoszyn parish-priest, the civil clerk of Działoszyn borough Signatories:
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Birth Registration Part 1
Birth Registration Part 2
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A Daughter’s Birth 1810
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