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This Dvorets website is dedicated to Berel Butensky/Betensky/Bytensky also known as Benjamin Velinsky of blessed memory, who was born in Dvorets in 1891 and died in 1968 in Chicago. Bennie emigrated from Dvorets in 1908 when his brother Chaim (Hyman Velen) sent him a ticket. Their parents were Esther and Yehuda Butensky who was a Sofer (a ritual scribe who wrote Torah scrolls and mezuzos). They later moved to Baranovici.
Bennie is buried in Chicago's Waldheim Cemetery in the Ostrer-Rayoner Aid Society section along with
his devoted wife Beile MESONSNIK a.k.a. Bella FISCHER, his brothers, Hyman (Eva), Harry (Becky), and sister Feigel (Lantz/Waltzer). (see picture below)

Location Of Dvorets

(Latitude 53°24´, Longitude 25°34´)

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Background Information almost every Jewish home in eastern Europe, even in the humblest and the poorest, stood a bookcase full of volumns, proud and stately folio tomes together with shy small-sized books...Almost every Jew gave of his time to learning either in private study or by joining one of the societies established for the purpose of studying the Talmud or some other branch of rabbinic literature. To some people it was impossible to pray without first having been refreshed by spending some time in the sublime atmosphere of Torah. Others, after the morning prayer, would spend an hour with their books before starting work. At nightfall, almost everyone would leave the tumult and bustle of everyday life to study in the beth-hamidrash. (P. Heschel-"The Earth is the Lord's")