Dubienka, Poland
(also known as Dubenka, Dibenka, Dubyenka)

Lat. 5103, Long. 2353
District: Hrubieszow, Province: Lublin

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Town Records

  • Jewish Records Indexing - Dubienka, Poland
  • Jewish Records Indexing - Poland and JewishGen "All Poland Database"

    First Dubienka Society, Inc. in New York/New Jersey

  • First Dubenka graves are listed as in section A and section X of the Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Fairview, New Jersey. I have images of the graves in section A, and plan to eventually submit the information to the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry. In the meantime, Mt. Moriah Cemetery has a grave locator that you can search by name.
  • First Dubienker Society 26th Annual Banquet. February 20th, 1937.
    Arr. Comm: David Schroit, Harry Sirkotch, Harry Leader, Ch. J. Garfinkel, Max A. Beeber (fin. secy), Israel Zuckerman (ex-pres), Perry Beubis (pres), Abraham I. Strauss (vice pres), Max Leader (secy of banquet), Morris Beubis, Abraham Beubis, Henry Landsberg, Hyman Graff.
  • YIVO's United Dubienker Relief Committee holdings

    Other Sources

  • Dubienka Yizkor book Sefer zikaron li-kehilot Dubyankah, Skaritsin, Dorohusk [The Dubienka almanac in memory of the martyrs]. Publishers: Pinkas Dubyankah. Editor: Shahar, Gershon. Tel-Aviv: 1994, 189 pages.
  • International Jewish Cemetery Project: Dubienka
  • Remember Jewish Dubienka - Genealogy Group webpage and Yahoo group
  • Virtual Shtetl's History of Dubienka
  • Nothing forgotten, nothing incidental by Kathleen Anderson
  • Yad Vashem lists three Dubienka images: 97666/58AO9, 97679/58CO1 , and 97761/58BO9
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