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Names from Drogobych Cemetery

Abisz, Behrei  d. 1937
Apfelschmitt, Lieb
Baruch, Bleicher   d. 1937
Bashkina, Roda 1884-1969
Bergmen, Abraham d. Aug. 23 1932
Beser, Herman 187?-1937
Bolotin, Simon 1892-1955
Bursuker, Abram 1885-1965
Finkel, Mihel 1887-1962
Fradkina, Sonia
Frierman, Leah (daughter of Elia) 1919-1972
Fradkina, Faina (Lev) 1921-1959
Gerner, Oscar 1883-1957
Glasberg, Nuchim 1862-1934
Granovsoy, Polina 1880-195?
Hamer, Karol 1875-193?
Haesman, Israel 1894-1932
Hendel, Sara d. Dec. 11, 1915
Hetz, Abraham d. 1932
Hirschhorn, Chaim Luzer 1867-1934
Hoffman, Aron d. Dec. 2, 1934
Horm, Phillip d. 1929
Katzler, Moses 1905-1954
Klinghoffer, Meyer 1864-1932
Kohl, Juda Leib d. 1932
Kupferberg, Lieb d. 1932
Kvas, Doris (daughter of Aaron) 1905-1952
Leikin, Moisey 1887-1964
Liebermann, Sobel (maiden name)  married name Adela 1859-1920
Lisitasa, 1894-1958
London, ? 1894-1956
Machgl, Rozia 1861-1937
Nadel, Abraham 1863-1934
Nauhm, Eva 1892-1942
Nauhm, Issaic 1927-1942
Nauhm, Mandel 1882-1965
Pinkas, Samuel d. 1932
Pochtar, Senia (son of Joseph) 1932-1959
Rimzler, Samuel 1878-1937
Rottenberg, Simon
Rudorter, Jacob 1871-1935
Schiffman, Samuel b. 1848 d. Oct. 12, 1933
Selikowicz, Benjamin d. 1930
Sparer, Lieb d. 1930
Stark, Rachmil 1875-1934
Tochner, Moses 1876-1972
Tochner, Samuel 1911-1971
Vermoglich, Berl 1872-1931
Verner, Mandel 1894-1964
Weiss, Isar (son of Hyman) 1898-1967
Weiss, Moritz b. 1915
Wolf, Abraham 1863-1934
Zinace, Leib 1861-1937
Zlotnik, Shloma 1888-1973
Zuckenberg, Isydor 1879-1928
Zygmund, Jericho d. 1930

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Personal Stories About Drogobych

The lives of the families of Drohobych, many of whom perished in the Holocaust, may be remembered through personal stories. Jim Borman of Indianapolis, Indiana, contributes a story written by a relative from Drohobych. Fanny Schweig of New York City wrote the following story to Jim's late Mother, Harriett Elaine Levy Borman on October 28, 1979 Suggestions or comments? Contact Valerie Schatzker

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