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Jews in Dresden, 1945

This database contains information on 265 persons who were residing in Dresden or in Dresden prisons as of January 22, 1945.

International Jewish Cemetery Project

Report on the Dresden Cemetery

The Jewish community in Dresden

History of the Jewish Community of Dresden

Jewish Virtual Library – Dresden

Dresden History and Synagogue

Dresden New Synagogue / Neue Synagoge

Dresden labor camp

Names of Jewish victims of National Socialism in Dresden between 1933 and 1945

The old Jewish cemetery in Dresden

Book on Dresden


Alternate names:

Dresden [Ger, Eng], Drážďany [Cz, Slov], Dresda [Lat, Ital], Dresde [Fr, Sp], Drezda [Hun], Drezno [Pol], Drežďany, Drježdźany

Coordinates:  51°03' N, 13°45' E


                                                                                        Town                                           Province                             Country

Before WWI (c. 1900):                                                      Dresden                                      Sachsen                             Germany

Between the wars (c. 1930):                                               Dresden                                      Sachsen                             Germany

After WWII (c. 1950):                                                        Dresden                                                                               Germany

Today (c. 2000):                                                                Dresden                                                                               Germany

Jewish Population in 1900:                    3,059

64 miles 103 km ESE of Leipzig. Capital of Saxony (Sachsen).

Nearby Jewish Communities:

  1. Freiberg 19 miles 31 km WSW

  2. Sobědruhy, Czech Republic 27 miles 44 km S

  3. Děčín, Czech Republic 27 miles 44 km SE

  4. Teplice, Czech Republic 29 miles 47 km S

  5. Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic 29 miles 47 km SSE

Research Tips:

Subject: German Jewish genealogy library in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia BOOK LIST

From: Beverley Davis <>

Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2014

Way back in July 2007 I submitted the following information to the

German Jewish SIG. In recent weeks there have been messages listing

similar books, and I thought it timely to re-send my original email for

the benefit of our newer list members.

During the 27 years I worked as a volunteer secretary, archivist

genealogist, librarian and research officer for the Australian Jewish

Historical Society (Melbourne, Victoria), one of our members

had in 1990 visited his distant relative in Germany, the late

Gerhard Ballin, and was given a large collection of books specifically

relating to German Jewish genealogy.

      Upon returning to Australia the member very kindly

      donated the 31 books to the AJHSV library, and I have

      listed them below.

        Enquiries should be directed to the Honorary Secretary,

        Australian Jewish Historical Society (Victoria)

        P.O. Box 8420, Armadale, Victoria 3143, Australia.

        email:  <>

Hope this information is of help and interest to members of GerSIG.

Beverley Davis, OAM JP  Melbourne, Australia


(presented to the Australian Jewish Historical Society - Victoria Inc.

by Dr Bernhard Boulton, 10 December 1990)

1  Judische Friedhofe in NORDHESSEN. Eva Grulms & Bernd Kleibl 1984; illus

2  Warmaisa: 100 Jahre Juden in WORMS.  Fritz Reuter; 1987; index; illus.

3  Samsonschule Wolfenbuttel (1786-1928).  Ralf Busch; 1986; illus.

4  Judische Sammlungen in Deutschen Bibliotheken.

         Jutta Bohnke-Kollwitz; 1981.

5  Die OLDENGURGer Judenschaft.  Leo Trepp; 1973; index; illus.

6  Die Familie Goldschmidt - OLDENBURG. Gerhard Ballin; 1975; illus.

7  Geschichte der Juden in SEESEN. Gerhard Ballin; 1979; illus.

8  Die Geschichte der Juden in OSTERODE am Harz.

      Gerhard Ballin; 1988; illus.

9  Wegweiser Durch das Judische BERLIN.  1987; index; illus.

10  Der Preussische Staat und Die Juden.   (PRUSSIA)

      Selma Stern; 1962; 2 vols; index.

11  Juden in Preussen: Ein Kapitel Deutscher Geschichte.

      1981; index; illus.                 (PRUSSIA)

12  Juden in Preussen: Ein Biographisches Verzeichnis.

      Ernst Lowenthal; 1981; illus.       (PRUSSIA)

13  Gestern und Heute: Juden im Landkreis HANNOVER

      Friedel Homeyer; 1984; illus.

14  Niedersachsische Juden. Nicolaus Heutger; 1978; illus.


15  Brunsvicensia Judaica.           1966; illus.

16  Neunhundert Jahre Geschichte der Juden in HESSEN.  1983.

17  Isaak Rothenberg: Die Geschichte einer Freundschaft.

      Hermann Schwab; 1959; illus.

18  Die Juden in OSNABRUCK  Karl Kuhling; 1983; illus.

19  Zur Geschichte der Juden in CELLE.   1974; illus.

20  Die Juden in VECHTA; Harald Schieckel - Das Schicksal der

   Vechtaer Juden im Dritten Reich.  Peter Sieve; 1988; illus.

21  Das Schicksal der Goslarer Juden 1933-45.

      Hans Donald Cramer; 1986; illus.

22  Die Judische Namenwelt. Konrad Krause; 1943; index.

23  Vom Main Zum Jura.  1985; illus.

24  The Auerbach Family: descendants of Abraham Auerbach.

      Siegfried M. Auerbach; 1957; index.

25  Bergen-Belsen 1945-1970.   1970; illus.

26  Juden in OLDENBURG 1930-1938.    Dieter Goertz; 1988; illus.

27  Juden in KASSEL 1808-1933.   Franz Rosenzweig; 1986; illus


28  Namen und Schicksale der Juden Kassels 1933-45. 1980; index; llus.

29  Judsiche Mitburger in NORTHEIM Iris Vielberg; 1988; illus.

30  Dokumente zur Geschichte der Juden in HANNOVER M. Zuckermann; 1908

31  Die Judischen Einwohner Bovendens.  Ralf Busch; 1971; illus.

From: "Roger Lustig (GerSIG)" <> has added several sets of vital registers that will be of interest to almost anyone doing German research.

The largest one is from Berlin: Marriages and Deaths, 1874-1920 and Births, 1874-1899. There is indexing by date, name and often maiden name.

Dresden Births 1876-1902, Marriages 1876-1922, Deaths 1876-1951.