Photographs of Martyrs of Dokshitz

Photos and identification provided by Juljia and Shlomo Gejdenson

Zalman Gejdenson, brother to Shlomo - Murdered in 1943 at age 20, two days before the end of the war. He had hidden in woods.


First from the left: Zalman Gejdenson. Murdered in 1943, age 20 by German Nazi bandits. All of his other friends pictured here were murdered in 1942.


Youfa Palinska helped the Gejdenson brothers for 12 months. Youfa Palinska with her daughters Helena, Ludka, Michalive, Fadzia.

Maria Stankieicz (91 years old). Helped the Gejdenson brothers for 12 months. Maria is with her daughter Broma Korcyn. They live in Dokszyc (Dokshitz).

Esther Gejdenson - murdered in May 1942 with her husband Rabbi Samuel Gejdenson and their daughter Sonia Gejdenson in Parafianov, near Dokshitz. They were the parents of Shlomo Gejdenson.

Sonia Gejdenson in the middle and her friends were murdered by the German Nazis and their helpers in 1942. She was 22 years old. She was the sister of Shlomo Gejdenson.

Sonia Gejdenson was killed in 1942 at age 22 by the German Nazis.

Shlomo Gejdenson's Grandfather

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