New Historical Documentation about Dokshitz


This is a translation of a paragraph from a new book:

History of the Shoah - USSR and the Annexed Regions

by I. Arad from Yad-Vashem, Jerusalem, 2004


Identified and Translated by Eitan Kremer - Israel

The new book is based on many Soviet and German documents released after 1990 by the former Soviet Archives and that is what is so special about it. I know that the book will be translated into English.

Page 470:

Large scale "Akziot" (Actions) of extermination in Gebitkomisariat (regional headquarter range) Gluboke. And so was written in a report from July 1st, 1942 sent by the gebitkomisar in Gluboke to general komisar Kobe:

On May 24th 1942 Untersturmfuhrer Hientz Tangerman from the SD (security service) in Lepel - military post box N 37857, to discuss with the Gebitkomisariat about the Jews living in the county. His mission was to cleanse the hinterland regions of the army that were conveyed to the civil autorities. We believe that the Jews cooperate with the local partisans which are specially active in this region. On May 29th the ghetto in Dokshitz was liquidated with 2,653 Jews in it. The Jews in ghetto were hiding so well so a full week was needed to find the last of them. 15 russian bullets were found with the yudenrat chairman.


At the end Akzia was done in Gluboke. Here, experts and proffesional workers were left to work for the army. More than 2,200 Jews were shot




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