Divenishok Ancestral Tree

This page is the entry point for researchers who are attempting to use DNA testing, as well as other database mining tools such as the ‘Photo ID Project’ or the ‘In Search Of… Project’, to establish or expand their genealogical tree from the town of Divenishok.

Divenishok Tree (password required)


New members please read this entire page. Then select a password of any length consisting of some capital and lower case letters and some numbers, and send the password here: Secure Password Form. Please allow at least 24 hours for the password to take effect.


The goal of the DAT project is the expansion of the shtetl-wide Divenishok Ancestral Tree. DNA comparisons with other group members, historical information from the Divenishok Yizkor Book, records found in the JewishGen Lithuania and Belarus databases, cemetery records, Yad Vashem records, photographs, and personal recollections will all be assembled to create and connect tree branches on the Divenishok Ancestral Tree.

Here is how the DAT works:

1)  anyone who has reason to believe he or she has ancestors who, before 1945, lived in Divenishok, or who lived in one of the neighboring villages of Benakani, Eshishok, Gavya, Heranion, Ivya, Kalelishok, Lipnishok, Olshan, Radin, Soletchnik, Subotnik, Traby, Vishneva, Volozhin, Voronova, Yashuni, or Yuratishki, and had a connection to Divenishok (such as had relatives in Divenishok or had moved from Divenishok, etc.), may join the group,

2)  a known family pedigree chart pertaining to Divenishok (or nearby village) ancestry must be submitted by email to the DAT project manager,

3)  anyone who is descended from Divenishok or has one or more living Divenishok-descended family members is strongly encouraged to have done an autosomal DNA test (there are several recommended autosomal testing services, currently all under US$80: FamilyTree DNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage, and AncestryDNA; DNA testing involves a test kit which can be used at home and only requires a small amount of saliva to be provided by mail, no health or disease information is provided from the testing),

4)  in order to participate in the DNA part of the project DNA results must be duplicated and uploaded to Gedmatch.com (this is a free process),

5)  the DAT project manager can provide detailed instructions and help at any stage.

Once these steps have been completed, the new genealogical data shall be entered into the Divenishok Ancestral Tree, a private database now populated with over 8,400 well documented and frequently photographed individuals. The DAT is accessible free of charge through this site and also by means of a free account at Ancestry.com, or through a paid-account at MyHeritage (to access via MyHeritage or Ancestry an invitation must be requested). A privacy-enhanced version of the tree is posted to the international site called worldconnect to further increase the research synergies. This advanced methodology has already and will continue to stimulate the discovery of previously unknown genealogical relationships in Divenishok.

For more information please contact the DAT project manager: Adam Cherson

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