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Dagda, Latvia

From the old Dagda (c 132 Kb)
From the old Dagda

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My interest in the Dagda (Latvia today, previously in Vitebsk gubernia) stems from my research in the Paikin surname/families. That is why you will find almost solely persons with the name Paikin in the list of persons, who lived in Dagda. However, by creating this Dagda ShtetLink it is my sincere hope to get in contact with others who also have research interests in Dagda.

If you have information about Dagda that you want to share with other researchers interested in Dagda - any kind of information e.g. about persons, who have lived in Dagda - please send it to me, and I will put it on this ShtetLink. In that way we might be able to make a "reconstruction" of the population in Dagda. And if you have information, stories, pictures and the like of people from Dagda (or from Dagda itself), we might be able to "reconstruct" the life of our ancestors in Dagda.

So please write to me, Elsebeth Paikin, and send me all and any information you are willing to share with other researchers - not only me!

Unfortunately, very few have contacted me since I created this ShtetLink in 1999! I have received a few photos, but unfortunately I could not put them on this website because of copyright law. A few others have sent me a name or two. That is all.

Please do not write to me requesting further information! All the information I have or get will be put on this website! I get so many requests for information that I simply do not have the time to send individual replies.

But please DO SEND whatever information you have about people who lived in Dagda!


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