There exists in the Archives much material which will be of interest to historians, including some items which may shed light into the lives of the descendants of conversos, or "Crypto Jews," who settled in the region.

This page provides a look at the Crypto-Jewish experience in the U. S. Southwest.

A common toy among Mexican children to this day is one that bears a striking similarity to a Dreidl [6K] SWJA An amulet of the Ten Commandments in Hebrew [20K] SWJA

(Left) A common toy among Mexican children to this day is one that bears a striking similarity to a Dreidl, a top used to play games during Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights (Right) An amulet of the Ten Commandments in Hebrew, owned by Ruth Ruiz Reed Miller [23K]. She explained that the amulet was passed down to her from family members for years

Suggested readings on Crypto-Jews

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  • Saint Louis University, Madrid, Spain. Converso and Morisco Studies. Converso and morisco are the terms applied to those Jews and Muslims who converted to Christianity in large numbers and usually under duress in late Medieval Spain The Converso and Morisco Studies conferences and publications examine the implications of these mass conversions, for the converts themselves, for their heirs (also referred to as conversos and moriscos ) and for Medieval and Modern Spanish culture.
  • Herrera, M. Miriam. Crypto-Jews/Anusim Links Ms. Herrera is a converso poet descended from Natives of the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. She has compiled a list of resources on these categories: History & Definitions, The Spanish & Mexican Inquisitions, Tools for Researching Crypto-Jewish Heritage, Writers & Artists, Personal Stories, Culture & Folklore, and Book Reviews.
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  • Sefard Forum - E-mail discussion list for researchers of Sephardic genealogy
  • Conversos in Latin America
  • Sephardim in Spain
  • Sephardim in Portugal

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