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Jewish Landscapes gallery

Coral Synagogue

Built on the means of the community in 1913 (14000 sq.m., 3 floors).
At... [more]
Coral Synagogue Today

From 1966 the building houses Anton Chekhov Russian State Theater
Bui... [more]
Beit Midrash Sinai

Built in 1886, photo from 1994
Agudat Israel Synagogue, Hay Synagogue... [more]
Jewish Hospital and Yavne Synagogue

Built in 19th c., photo 2014
located on 150 Columna St.
... [more]
Jewish Library

With plaque commemorating Yiddish writer Yikhiel Shraybman
Street Diordiz... [more]
Lemnaria (Timber merchants) Synagogue

now is the Kedem Community Center
Built in 1835, it was a two-stories... [more]
Lemnaria Synagogue 02

Kedem Community Center
Ruins of the Cemetery Synagogue

From the entrance of the Main Jewish Cemetery on Milano Street, a walk left to t... [more]
Shop House Shekhter and Sons

Source: Bessarabia SIG
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