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Several records listed below appear to present duplicated information for the same person, e.g. Rabbi Aloy. The records have come to us from various sources and are presented as received, subject only to light editing. Where there is a very high certainty that multiple records refer to the same person, e.g. Chief Rabbi Professor Israel Abrahams, then several records may have been consolidated.


Rev. Abrahams. Served the Claremont, Cape, congregation in the mid-1940s.

Chief Rabbi Professor Israel Abrahams. Cape Town Hebrew Congregation (Gardens Synagogue), August 1937 to mid-1968. Made aliyah to Israel, 1968, where he passed away in October 1973.

Rabbi Aloy. Head of the Beit Din, Johannesburg.

Rabbi Aloy. Brought out from Lithuania by the Benoni Shul and then moved on to the Berea Shul.

Cantor Israel Alter, Johannesburg. A composer of note and one of South Africa's great chazzanim.

Cantor Altshuler. The Great Synagogue, Wolmerans Street, Pretoria.

Cantor O.Altshuler. Southern Suburbs Congregation.

Rev. Altshuler. Sydenham-Highlands-North (Jhb) Shul

Rev. Altshuler. Springs Shul

Rabbi AdyAssabi. Temple Shalom [United Progressive], Johannesburg. Circa 1990.


Rabbi Avnit. After 1961, went from Israel to Oudtshoorn.


Cantor Bacon. Yeoville Shul.

Cantor Joseph Badash. Jeppe Synagogue, 1940's and prior.

Cantor Philip Badash. Son of Cantor J. Badash, q.v. Marais Road Synagogue, Capetown.

Cantor Max Badash. Chazzan of the Great Synagogue, Cape Town for many years

Cantor David Bagley. Oxford Synagogue, Johannesburg.

Reverend L. Baran. Woodstock & Salt River Hebrew Congregation, Cape Town, during the early nineteen-fifties.

In May 2014, Diana Yellin Wertheim (daughter of Rev. Baran) wrote: "He was the Reverend of Mossel Bay from 1956 to 1970 and from 1970 onwards, the Reverend of Rustenburg till his aliya to Israel in 1993. ... He served South African communities for almost 60 years."

12 Oct 2010

Rev. Joshua Batlan. Brandfort Shul, Orange Free State.

Rev.  A.P.Bender. First rabbi, Cape Town Hebrew Congregation, 1841.

Rabbi Barney (Chaim Dov) Bender. Died 30 June 2003. First appointment: Boksburg Shul. Was for many years the Rabbi of the Port Elizabeth Shul (possibly during 1990's) and finally of the Yeoville Shul.

Rabbi Norman Bernhard. Chabad. Rabbi of the Oxford Shul, Johannesburg - from the mid-1950's.

Rabbi Bitan. After 1961, went from Israel to Oudtshoorn.

Rabbi Bloom. From Liverpool. Served the Benoni Congregation.

Rev. Bordien. Strand Shul, circa 1932-1942.

Rev. I. Borkof. First rabbi, De Aar H.C., 1918.

Cantor P. Braitman. North Eastern Congregation.

Rabbi S.A. Brodman. Rabbi of the Schoonder Street Shul in the 1980s. Spoke at the Closing Ceremony of the Vredehoek Shul in August 1993.


Cantor Ian Camissar. Cape Town Hebrew Congregation. Circa 2000-2013

Chief Rabbi Bernard Moses Casper. 1917-____. WWII Senior Chaplain, Jewish Infantry Group 1944-1946, Chaplain British army 1940-1946. Mentioned in Despatches. Chief Rabbi Casper was formerly Chief Rabbi of South Africa. In World War II he was senior Chaplain to the Jewish Brigade and first Dean of Students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His publications include: "Judaism Yesterday and Today."

Rabbi Lionel Casper. Chaplain to Jewish soldiers in WW2.

Rev. Cassell. Chazan Sheini, Cape Town Hebrew Congregation. Circa 1930's to 1950's.

Cantor Berele Chagy. Beth Hamedrash Hagadol, Johannesburg 1930's ?

Rabbi Yaacov Chaitowitz. m. Miriam (Friedman). The Chaitowitz family settled in Johannesburg where Uncle Chaitowitz was a rabbi at the Observatory Curve Shul, Johannesburg, S.A.

HaRav Eliezer Chrysler. Formerly Rav of Mercaz Ahavat Torah, Johannesburg.

Rabbi Chanan Coblentz. Yeshivah Torat Emet, circa 2001.

Rabbi Cohen. After 1961, went from Israel to Oudtshoorn.

Rev. I.M. Cohen.


Rabbi Davar. After 1961, went from Israel to Oudtshoorn.

Cantor Michael Davidowitz. Emmarentia Congregation.

Rev. Dovrat. After 1961, went from Israel to Oudtshoorn.

Rabbi Eugene Jacob Duschinsky. Was Rabbi of the Vredehoek Synagogue (i.e. Cape Town Orthodox Hebrew Congregation) in the 1950's . He then went to live in Israel. He returned to S.A. in the 1960's and became Rabbi and also Av Beth Din of the New Hebrew Congregation, Schoonder Street, Gardens, Cape Town.


Rabbi S. Efron.Maitland-Brooklyn Hebrew Congregation (Cape Town).

Rabbi G.M.Engel. Circa 1974.


Cantor Dudu Fisher. Berea Shul, Johannesburg.

Rav Isaac Jacob (Yaacov)


Frank. Born Kovno, 1878. Died Cape Town, 1965. Married 1909, Beila D. Rabinowitz (died 1958). Mohel, schochat, chazan, Hebrew teacher - Muizenberg cheder, ex-talmid Yeshiva Telsz, Lithuania and authority in Cape Town. The Rav and Chazan of the Muizenberg Synagogue for 50 years.

Rabbi Franklin. 1950's - 1960's.

Rabbi I. Friedman. Served the Benoni Community from 1938 (he was on Active Service during WWII) until about 1962, then went to Canada.


Rabbi J. Gad. Johannesburg, circa 1941.

Rev. Gad. Strand Shul.

Rabbi Gervis. Berea Synagogue, Tudhope Avenue. 1930s.

Cantor Johnny Gluck. Berea Shul, Johannesburg.

Reverend Hirsch Goldberg. Arrived in Cape Town from Lithuania, 1927. Various rabbinic posts in Southern Africa. Died 1967.

Rabbi Y. Goldman. Chairman, Southern African Rabbinical Association, circa 2001

Rabbi Tuvia Goldschmidt. Circa 2001.

Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein. Inaugurated Sunday 3 April 2005, aged 33. First South-Africa-born Chief Rabbi. Qualified as an advocate, BA, LLB and PhD in human rights law. Qualified at a Johannesburg rabbinical seminary, 1996.

Rev. Gordon. Wynberg Synagogue (Cape). Officiated for several decades which spanned 8 February 1947 when he conducted the marriage ceremony of Bernard Unterhalter and Freda Gelfand. Rev. Gordon's son was Prof. Hymie Gordon who married Sue Stern (now divorced).

Rabbi Isaac Goss. Linksfield Hebrew Congregation.

Rabbi Grawitzky. Woodstock & Salt River Hebrew Congregation, Cape Town, during 1930's-1940's.

Rabbi Motel Grawitzky. Woodstock & Salt River Hebrew Congregation, from nineteen-sixties.

Rev. I. Green. Strand Shul

Cantor E. Greenblatt. Sydenham North Hebrew Congregation.

Rabbi Charles Grigst. Highlands House Synagogue, Cape Town.

Rabbi Boruch Dov Grossnass. Rosh, Kollel Yad Shaul, Johannesburg. Circa 2001

Chazzan Shlomo Guber. Chazzan of the Berea shul from 1979 to 1983, Waverley shul from 1982 to 1995. Click here for details of three generations of chazzanim in the Guber family.

Rev. Gulis. Reverend of the Salt River/Woodstock Shul, Cape Town, 1930's to 1960's. Now [in 2004] deceased.


Cantor A. Hainowitz. Great Synagogue, Pretoria. 1950's ??

Chief Rabbi Cyril K. Harris. Rabbi at St. John's Wood Synagogue, London NW8 U.K. until 1987 when he was appointed Chief Rabbi of South Africa. Union of Orthodox Synagogues, South Africa. From 1987 until end 2004.

Rabbi Simon Harris. Cape Town Hebrew Congregation. 1990's


Rabbi Yisrael Hazdan. Served the Warmbaths community for many years. Father of Rabbi Dovid Hazdan, q.v.2008-11-02

Rabbi Dovid Hazdan. Officiates (ca 2007) at Great-Park Shul, the successor congregation to the Wolmarans. Son of Rabbi Yisrael Hazdan, q.v.

Cantor Heinowitz. See Hainowitz, above.

Rev. Ilan Herrmann. Lions Shul, Doornfontein Hebrew Congregation. 2001-.

Cantor Herstik. Oxford Hebrew Congregation (after Cantor Moshe Krauss).

Rabbi J.H. Hertz. Rabbi at the Johannesburg Shul at the turn of the beginning of the twentieth century (ca 1890-1910) went back to London and served as Chief Rabbi of the British Empire for very many years.

Reb M. Herzkowitz. According to N.D. Hoffman's Book of Memoirs (Zichronis) Reb. M. Herzkowitz was born in a small shtetl in Kovno province in 1890. Studied in Reb Herz's Yeshiva in Ponevez. Continued in Telz under Rabbi haGaon Eliezer Gordon. Then to Slobodka Yeshiva Knesset Bnei Israel. Also acted as a shochet. In Posvol he trained as a cantor under cantor Reb Mordechai Leibowitz. Arrived in S.A. in 1911 and worked in Worcester as cantor, mohel and shochet.

Cantor Abram Mordechai Himelsztejn. Ilana Katz wrote: My father was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1905 and studied under various teachers like A. Davidovitz of the Zalman Nozhik Shul, David Eisenstadt, Choirmaster of the Tlomztzka Street Shul among others. He also conducted the choir which accompanied performances of the great Cantor Gershon Sirota. He came to Tifereth Yisrael Synagogue in Rowland Street, Cape Town in 1936 where he was the choirmaster until he moved in 1942 to be Choirmaster and Chazzan Sheini with the United Hebrew Congregation (first at the Yeoville Shul and then at the Great Synagogue in Wolmarans Street). He stayed at this position for over 25 years. He published two books of Chazzanut that he had composed : LaChazan and Lamnatzeach. Compositions written by him are sung today by Chazanim all over the world. He passed away in 1974 in Johannesburg at the relatively young age of 68 and is buried in West Park cemetery.

Rabbi W. Hirsch. Pretoria, circa 1928.

Rev. Hirschowitz. Strand Shul.

Rabbi David Hoffman. Temple Israel, Sea Point, Cape Town. Circa 1998.


Cantor Abe Immerman. Known as the Blind Cantor who used to serve the United Hebrew Schools from its inception in the 1940's. After 1961, went to Oudtshoorn for High Holydays and some bar mitzvahs. Date of retirement not known. Passed away circa 2001.

Cantor Inspector. Cape Town Orthodox Hebrew Congregation (Vredehoek) in 1940's.

Rabbi Dennis Isaacs. Cyrildene Synagogue.

Rabbi Harris Isaacs. ??

Reverend Isaacson. Spiritual leader of Observatory and Mowbray congregations in Cape Town in 1930's to 1950's


Cantor S. Jungerlevi. Cyrildene Hebrew Congregation.


Rev. Karwan. Strand Shul, circa 1953.


Kassel, see Rev. Cassell, above.

Rabbim Katz, Great Synagogue, Pretoria. 1950's ??

Rev. (later Rabbi) Katz. Pretoria. His incumbency might have commenced a year or two before 1956.

Rabbi Katz. Pretoria. Was Army Chaplain. Ministered to Jewish Prisoners in Pretoria Central Prison.

Cantor Katzen. Sea Point Synagogue during 1940's.

Rabbi Eric N. Kaye. Born in Johannesburg. Studied in U.S.A. and Israel. Held rabbinic posts in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Rabbi Kay(e). Parys and then Stellenbosch Hebrew Congregation.

Rev. Wolf Kentridge. (formerly Sachna Zaiv Kantorovich, name changed to Kentridge in 1912), ex Lithuania, and Chazen, Shochet in Sunderland, Durham, England before migrating to South Africa. He was the Rabbi in Vryheid, Natal for some years, before accepting the position in Harrismith, O.F.S. in the early 1900s. He died on 10th August 1918, and is buried in the Harrismith Cemetery.

Rabbi Kerbel. Cape Town Hebrew Congregation

Rabbi Kirzner. New Hebrew Congregation, Roeland Street Shul, Cape Town, during 1930's to 1940's. May have left for Canada after World War II.

Rev. Moses David Klaff. Born 1904. Married Pauline. Chazan in Clocolan from 1927 to 1931. Chazan and Schochet in Boksburg from 1932 to 1941. Kroonstad, 1941 to 1945. Port Elizabeth, Chazan, Mohel, Schochet and Barmitzvah teacher, 1945 to 1969. Wolmarans - Great Synagogue - Chazan Sheini under Chazan Reich and Gluck from 1969 to 1984. Sandringham Gardens 1984 to 1989. Died 1991.

Rev. Shmuel Zalman Klaff. Minister in Vereening from 1910 to 1914. De Aar from 1925 to 1945. Died in 1957.

Cantor Kleimer. Chazzan Rishon, Vredehoek Shul, Cape Town. Then, Chazzan Sheini, Sea Point Shul, Marais Road, Cape Town.

Cantor Ari Klein. Sydenham Highlands North.

Rabbi Klirs. After 1961, went to Oudtshoorn.

Rabbi (formerly Rev.) Konviser. Head, and subsequently Rabbi, of the Ashkenazi community in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harari, Zimbabwe). Retired and moved to Cape Town. Locum at the Great Synagogue (Gardens Synagogue) after the departure of Rabbi Lappin. Circa 1950-1980.

Rabbi Korn

Rabbi Kossowsky. Beth Medrash Hagadol in the 1930s and 1940s.

Rabbi Kossowsky. (the above's son) Sydenham Highlands North.

Cantor Paul Kowarsky. Germiston Congregation, then to Canada.

Rabbi Kramer. Claremont Hebrew Congregation, Cape Town, in the 1950's and 1960's - an important community. Left for Israel in 1970's and still lives there [in April 2005].

Cantor Moshe Kraus. Oxford Shul, Johannesburg. Circa 1960's, 1970's.

In March 2014, Cantor Stan Shear wrote "Cantor Moshe Krauss is still very much alive and I communicate with him and his wife Rivka regularly. He is now about 92, and is healthy and still davens occasionally. I sang in the Oxford Synagogue choir when it was in its heyday in the 1960s, with Moshe as Chazan, Marcus Levy, and then his brother Gus Levy as choirmasters. In fact I was the Chazzan at Oxford for a year - about 1995."

12 Oct 2010

Rev. Joseph Kupowitz. Lived in Berea, Johannesburg.

Rabbi M. Kurtstag. Head of Johannesburg and Cape Town Beth Din, circa 2001.

Rev. Simcha Kussevitzky (Kousevitsky). Cantor for many years, from the nineteen-forties, at Schoonder Street Shul in Cape Town, after serving a major community in Johannesburg to which he came from one of London's most famous shuls. A brother to Moshe and David, both masters of chazzanut in the US from the 1940's for some 30 years between them. A special family in the history of Chazzanut.


Chief Rabbi Dr. J.L. Landau. Immigrated to Transvaal, 1903. Published many secular literary works.

Rev. Landry. After 1961, went from U.K. to Oudtshoorn.

Rabbi A. H. Lapin. Yeoville Shul from about 1947 to about 1969, then Chief Rabbi at Gardens Shul, Cape Town. Subsequently left for San Jose. Buried in Jerusalem.

Rabbi David Lapin. First appointment: Stellenbosch Hebrew Congregation. Kesser Torah.

Chazzan Shmuel Lerer. Born in Jerusalem, 1928. Arrived in South Africa after officiating in prominent posts in Israel and England (The Great Shul of Rishon LeZion; 'Ramah' Shul, Tel-Aviv; The Great Shul of Ramat Gan; Marble Arch Synagogue, London). Chazzan of Beth Hamedrash Hagadol (Central Orthodox Synagogue), Doornfontein Johannesburg (1968-1975) and Cyrildene-Observatory Extension Hebrew Congregation, Johannesburg (1975-1977). Served as Chairman of the Cantors and Choirmasters' Association of S.A. (1971-1977) and was nominated Honorary President on his return to Israel in 1977. Passed away in Jerusalem, 2009.

Cantor Y. Lerman. Doornfontein Leibn Shul.

Rabbi Maurice A. Lew. Came out from London to S.A. in the late 1940s to Parkview Greenside & Districts Synagogue in the early days of that shul. Stayed till early 1970s or late 1960s. Returned to UK. Died around 1980s. Founded the M.A. Lew Hebrew School. He was rabbi at Highgate Synagogue, London, in the early 1980s.

Rabbi Yitzchak Lewenstein. Circa 2001.

Rev. J. Lichterman. Cantor, Vredehoek Shul, 1950-?.

Cantor Joel Lichterman. Cantor at the Great Synagogue, Cape Town for several years.

Rabbi Mathew Liebenberg. Claremont Shul, Cape Town.

Rev. Lignado. After 1961, went to Oudtshoorn.

Rabbi O. Lipshitz. Lecturer, Vredehoek Shul.

23 Apr 2010

Rabbi Reuven Livingstone. Circa 2010.

Cantor Lopato. Yeoville Synagogue, late 1930's early 1940's.


Cantor Joseph Malovany. Born Israel. Tenor. Yeoville Synagogue. Was awarded the Polish Legion of Honour, 2004. [REFERENCE: Jewish Tribune newspaper, London, 12 Feb 2004, p5.]

Cantor S. Mandel. Brought out from Lithuania by the Benoni Synagogue and then moved on to the Berea Synagogue.


Rabbi Juda Mandelberg. Served the Benoni Congregation from 1980 until 1995.

Rabbi Marcus. Vredekoek Shul. Cape Town.


Rabbi Barry Marcus. Smicha from Beth Midrash l'Rabbanim, Johannesburg; Rabbi to Waverley Hebrew Congregation; Assistant Minister to Chief Rabbi of South Africa; Rabbi/Cantor to Valley Observatory Hebrew Congregation, Rabbi/Cantor at Arthur's Road Synagogue, Cape Town; Chaplain, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

Rabbi N.L. Marcus. Maggid Hashiur at Vredehoek Shul where he also became rabbi and shochet. On the retirement of the Av Beth Din, became the rabbi of the joint Schoonder Street and Vredehoek Shuls.

Rabbi Eliezer Hillel Matthews. Krugersdorp, then Kroonstad. Died 1929.

Rabbi Merwitz. First served as the Benoni Rabbi before moving on to Claremont, Cape. His son is a rabbi in South Africa (ca 2007?, location not known).


Rabbi Gavin Michal, Baal Shem Tov Synagogue, Johannesburg.

Cantor Binyamin Minc. Ponevez Shul, Johannesburg.

Rabbi M. Chaim Mirvish. Vredehoek Shul, Cape Town.

Mowsowitz. Died circa 1930.


Cantor Benjamin Muller. Sydenham shul.

Rev. Sam (Shmoel) Musikanth. One time minister of the Somerset West Shul in the Cape. He was born in Seduva, Lithuania, in 1911 and passed away in Cape Town on 4 August 1979. Served one or more congregations in the Eastern Cape.


Rabbi Edward Neufeld. Was Rabbi in Pretoria prior to Rev. Katz who later became an ordained Rabbi and served that community for many years.

Rabbi Jacob Newman. Waverley Shul, Johannesburg.

Rabbi Jaocb Newman. Spiritual leader, Marais Road Shul, Sea Point, Cape Town in the 1960s and 1970s.


Rev. Pakter. Sea Point, Cape Town, in the 1960s.

Rev. Isaac Pakter. Stellenbosch Shul, 1950's, then Camps Bay Shul.

Rev. Baruch Perlow. Passed away, 6 July 2005. Served the Emmarentia Hebrew Congregation for more than 50 years variously as Rabbi, Chairman and President.

Rabbi Aharon Pfeuffer. Johannesburg, also Bnei Brak. Authority on kashrut. Author of Kitzur Halachot Basar B'Chalav ????? ????? ??? ????. Louis Zetler wrote: "Rav Pfeuffer was killed in a car accident on his way to the Kruger National Park on a Sunday morning, days before he was scheduled to return to Israel.".


Rabbi Rabinowitz. Cape Town Hebrew Congregation, Old Synagogue ??

Rabbi Rabinowitz. Sea Point Shul until about 1965. Brother of Chief Rabbi Louis Rabinovitz. Moved to Manchester, England.

Rabbi B. Rabinowitz. Kensington Hebrew Congregation, 1940's and 50's.

Cantor Harry Rabinowitz. From 1957: Oxford Shul, Waverley Shul (North Eastern Hebrew Congregation).

Revd. Joel Rabinowitz. ?? 1880, Orange Free State ??

Chief Rabbi Louis I. Rabinowitz PhD. b. Scotland 1906, d. Jerusalem 1984. Chief Rabbi, 1945-1961. United Hebrew Congregation from about 1946 to about 1963. Cited in Ḥakirah, v14, Winter 2012, The Kashrut of Kingklip - Its Turbulent History and Who Decides, by Ari Zivotofsky and Ari Greenspan.

Rev. Nachum Mendel Rabinowitz. Cantor, Cape Town Orthodox Hebrew Congregation (Constitution Street, then Vredehoek Street shuls), 1920-1950.

Rabbi Raff. Rabbi of the Charedi Community in Sydenham, Johannesburg.

Rabbi Moshe Zalman Rajchenberg. 1887-1973. Potchefstroom: circa 1929. Bloemfontein: several years commencing circa 1933. Ophirton: circa 1943 for a very short while - diminishing community. Booysens: a short while and then Auckland Park / Melville, circa 1945. Never lived there. Jeppe (Bertrams ). Lived in Kensington in early 1950s. Made aliyah to Israel in 1960s. Died there, 1973. Buried Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel. (Rabbi Yeshaya Reichenberg, listed below, was his son.)

Dayan Baruch Rapoport. Circa 2001.

Rabbi Rappaport. Oxford Hebrew Congregation.

Rabbi Dr. S. Rappaport. Orange Grove Shul. Professor, Witwatersrand University. Author: Early Africana Judaica

Rev. Rapperport. Raleigh Street, Port Elizabeth.

Cantor A. Reich. Great Synagogue.

Rabbi Yeshaya (Issy) Reichenberg. 1909-1989. Rabbi, Shochet and Mohel. Stellenbosch, 1930s. Klerksdorp early 1940s. Vereeniging, circa 1945. Northcliff, 1949 & 1950s. At Oxford Shul he assisted Rabbi Bernard as retired Rabbi before his death. He was buried in the Westpark Cemetery, Johannesburg. (Son of Rabbi Moshe Rajchenberg, listed above.)

Cantor I. Rimer. Jeppe Shul.

Rabbi David Rogut. Greenside Shul about 1972, then Waverly Congregation to about 1974, then North Shore Synagogue, Sydney, Retired 2003.

Cantor Boris Rome. Cape Town Hebrew Congregation, in 1950's.

Rabbi David Rosen. Presently (2006) serving the American Israel Committee (?). Had a Papal Knighthood bestowed upon him. Rabbi Rosen served the Green & Sea Point Congregation during the 1980s.

Rabbi Dr. Phillip Rosenberg. Itinerant rabbi in SA: Petersburg, Jagersfontein, Green and Seapoint shul [where he was the first Rabbi], Jeppe shul, Bertrams shul, Windhoek, Witbank, Middelburg (for about 20 years until his death in 1993).

Rabbi Rosenblum. Served the Benoni Congregation. Now (ca 2007) of the Emmarentia Congregation.

Rabbi Rosenzweig. Head of the Beit Din, Johannesburg.

Cantor Rudy. Cape Town Orthodox Hebrew Congregation (Vredehoek) in 1940's.


Rabbi Daniel Sackstein. Cape Town Hebrew Congregation, from 1 April 2004 to 31 March 2007. April 2007, Camps Bay Hebrew Congregation.

Rav Saltzer. Johannesburg. Cited in A Practical Guide to Our Daily Brochos, by Rabbi Michoel Fletcher, page 47, footnote.

26 Jul 2013

Rabbi Sandler. Rabbi for the S. A. Defence Force for many years.

Rev. H. Sandler. Lecturer and Shochet at the Constitution Street Shul (Cape Town). Subsequently a Founder of the Vredehoek Shul where he became a Lecturer.

06 Aug 2011

Rev. Mordechai Sandler. Rev. Bertie Sadler wrote about his father: Born in Ponevesz in 1890, he is believed to have attended yeshiva in Minsk, then trained as a shochet in Popylan and learned mila in Vilna. He officiated as chazzan at the Fordsburg Shul, subsequently at the Constitution Street Shul in Cape Town, then after his marriage to Miss Haidee Krieger of Wolseley, he became the chazzan, shochet and mohel to the Port Elizabeth Orthodox Hebrew Congregation based in the Raleigh Street Shul. He served that community for close on 45 years, and on retirement went to live in Sea Point, close to my sister and her family. Although retired, he still served the Paarl Community, the Rondebosch Hebrew Congregration and lastly the Wynberg community.

Rabbi Adi Saturnick.

Cantor M. Schaechter. Parkside-Greenside Hebrew Congregation.

Rabbi Alec Israel Schlomow. Somerset West. Circa early twentieth century.

amended 2011/10/26

Rev. Israel (Shrol) Schwartz. Eli Goldstein wrote: Born 1900 in Komel, Poland. Arrived in Bethal, South Africa, in 1936 as a Hebrew teacher, subsequently qualifying as a minister of religion. He was spiritual leader to congregations in Witbank, Queenstown and Claremont before returning to Bethal in about 1955. He married Leah Postan in 1937 and they had two daughters and two sons. Rev. Schwartz was tragically killed in a motor accident near Springs on 15th August 1966. He is buried in the area reserved for Rabbis and Cantors at Westpark cemetery, Johannesburg.

Rabbi Shalpid. After 1961, went from Israel to Oudtshoorn.

Rev. Shapiro.

Cantor Stan Shear In March 2014, Cantor Stan Shear wrote "I started my career in Chazzanut at the old Doornfontein Shul around 1985, davening on Friday nights. I used to travel by car to shul in the early days, until the Late Chief Rabbi Harris was invited to a service and said he would come only on the condition that their Chazzan became Shomer Shabbos - which prompted me to do so, and then, when it closed down, served over the High Festivals at the overflow service at Waverley Shul when Louis Furman was the Rabbi there. My son Alan, who is now a Rabbi in Israel, was a 15 year old kid at the time, but used to give the droshas. I served as full-time Chazzan at the Milnerton Shul in Cape Town under Rabbi Shlomo Lazarus between about 1996 and 2003 after which we moved to Vancouver. "

Rabbi Moshe Sher. Etz Chayim Shul.

Rabbi David Sherman. Rabbi Emeritus, Temple Israel, Sea Point, Cape Town. Circa 1998.

Cantor Baruch Shifman. Father of Motty Shifman. Came to South Africa in 1965 at the behest of Yitzke Stein to be the Chazzan in the Ponevizh Shul in Dornforntein for the Chagim. He was then hired to be the Chazzan of Waverly Shul from 1966-1981 He is currently the Chazzan of Agudas Achim in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A., 1981-present (2005).

Cantor Yehuda Shifman. Uncle of Motty Shifman. Cantor in Greenside in the 1970's coming from the Central Synagogue in Sydney, Australia. He currently (2005) is the owner of a company called Kosherica which organizes Kosher cantorial cruises.

Rabbi Shippel. Rabbi of Ohr Sameach in Cape Town. Services held at the Weizmann Hall, Sea Point.

Rabbi Moshe Shirkin. Mashgiach, Yeshivah HaNegev, circa 2001.

Rabbi Shrock. Yeoville Synagogue. Officiated at the barmitzvah of Bernard Unterlhalter, 6 August 1936. Organised a Bechorim group at the synagogue. Lived opposite King Edward's Primary School, Johannesburg.

Rabbi A.T. Shrock. During 1940's to 1960's at Green and Sea Point Hebrew Congregation, Marais Road, Cape Town. An important congregation in the SA constellation.

Rev. Chone Shubitz. Koppies Hebrew Congregation.

Cantor Alwyn R. Shulman. Chazzan at the New Hebrew Congregation, Schoonder Street, Cape Town, from 19 August 1981 until August 1991.

Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft. Spiritual Leader to the South African Country Communities.

Cantor Singer. Etz Chayim Shul.

Rabbi Smith. Served the Rondebosch Congregation during the late 1950s.

Reverend Smith. Wynberg Hebrew Congregation, Cape Town. 1940's to 1950's.

Rabbi Soloveitchik. Jeppe Synagogue, 1940's and prior.

19 Apr 2010

Rabbi Ephraim  Menasseh Stein. 1880-1947. Born Bransk, died Worcester. Served the Worcester Hebrew Community for 27 years from 1922-1947.

[alternative spelling: Efraim Menasse Stein, see Branska document.]

Chazen Steinberg . Father of Solly Steinberg. Berea Synagogue, Tudhope Avenue.

Solly Steinberg. Son of Chazen Steinberg. Choir Master, 1930s, Berea Synagogue, Tudhope Avenue.

Rabbi Steinhorn. Rabbi of the Green and Sea Point Shul, in Marais Road, Sea Point, Cape Town.

Cantor J. Stern. Bramley Synagogue.

Cantor M. Stern. Central Orthodox Synagogue.

Cantor Moshe Stern. Beth Medrash Hagadol.

Harav Moshe Sternbuch. Founder, Vilna Gaon Torah Centre, Yeoville, Johannesburg, circa 1980-84.

Rabbi Ruben Suiza. Rabbi of the Sephardi Community in Cape Town. Conducts Services (circa 2004) at the Weizmann Hall, Sea Point.

Rabbi Harris Swift. Rabbi at St. John's Wood Synagogue, London NW8, U.K., until 1950 when he left for South Africa.


Rabbi Abraham Tanzer. Glenhazel, Johannesburg.

Cantor Oshy Tugentaft. Sydenham Highlands North.


Rabbi Ungar.


Rabbi Charles David Wallach. Bet Menorah Pretoria Progressive Jewish Congregation. Temple Emanuel, Johannesburg.

Rabbi Moses Cyrus Weiler. Chief minister of the United Progressive Jewish congregation of Johannesburg. Circa 1932.

Rabbi Weinberg. Spiritual leader of the Muizenberg Hebrew Congregation. A small but strong community added to over the holiday season in the Cape from 1940's to 1950's. Went on to become head of Edinburgh Jewish Congregation, Scotland, U.K.

Simie Weinstein. From Oudsthoorn. Defence Force 1940-1946. Jewish Lay Chaplain with SA Expeditionary Forces, assistant Principal Chaplain, U.D.F. 1943-1946. Now (2004) deceased. REFERENCE: South African Jewry 1976-1977, p.526.

Rabbi Yaacov Weinstein. Rabbi in Port Elisabeth until the 1970s when he made aliyah to Jerusalem and was Head of Jerusalem Rabbinical Council. He was also one of the founders of Kiyriat Telsestone, near Abu Gosh outside Jerusalem. Passed away at the end of 1990s or early 2000.

Rabbi Abner Weiss. Chief Rabbi, Natal, 1969 - 1976.

Rev. Philip Wolfers. Johannesburg H.C., 1891-??.

Rabbi Wolk. After 1961, went to George, Cape Province.

Rabbi Louis Wolk. Johannesburg. Emigrated from Lithuania to South Africa in the early 20th century.


22 Oct 2009

Rev. Yaakov Yehudah Zidel. Born Polotsk (Byelorussia/Belarus) 1874; d Johannesburg 12 October 1953. Married Roche Rivka nee Mentsovski/Manishevsky in Shavel/Schaulen/Siauli 16 June 1900. First and only Rabbi of the Mayfair-Fordsburg Hebrew Congregation, Johannesburg 1903-1953.

Cantor Zwick. Pretoria.