A Memorial Book for the Jews of Kalarash

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Sefer Kalarash Cover and title page

Cover and title page of Sefer Kalarash

A yizkor [memorial] book for the Jewish community of Kalarash, Moldova, edited by Noah Tamir, was published in Tel Aviv in 1966. Sefer Kalarash ["The Book of Kalarash"] is subtitled "A volume in memory of the Jews of the town, which was destroyed in the days of the Holocaust."

Written in Hebrew and Yiddish, the yizkor book is 533 pages long. It contains stories about the history and every-day life of the Jewish community in Kalarash, as well as memorials to its Jewish residents who perished in the Holocaust.

A digitalized version of Sefer Kalarash is available on the website of the New York Public Library. The book's table of contents and the pamphlet about the 1905 pogrom in Kalarash have been translated into English by Jerrold Landau and may be viewed on the website of JewishGen's Yizkor Book Project.

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