A Pamphlet Published in Odessa in 1906

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Cover of Pamphlet

A year after the 1905 pogrom in Kalarash, a pamplet written by Yakov Tsifelshter was published about the tragic events in the Bessarabian shtetl. After describing the devastation, the pamphlet listed the names of 54 residents of Kalarash who had died at the hands of the pogromchiks. The victims ranged in age from a 4-year-old boy to a man who was 85 years old.

A Hebrew translation of the pamphet, which originally was written in Yiddish, was published in Sefer Kalarash, the yizkor book memorializing the town. It may be accessed on the website of the New York Public Library, beginning at Image 353. The 1906 pamphlet about the 1905 pogrom has been translated into English by Jerrold Landau and may be viewed on the website of JewishGen's Yizkor Book Project.

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