KALARASH in 1906:
A Year After the Pogrom

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The Jewish-American journalist Philip Cowen visited Kalarash in 1906, a year after the pogrom. Photographs he took were
reproduced (albeit not in high quality) in his autobiography, published some 26 years thereafter. It is evident from the photographs
that there had been wide-spread destruction during the pogrom and that much of the town had not been rebuilt a year later.


Jewish homes that were burned and vandalized by the pogromchiks. Cowen
reported that the plundering began near the house in the photograph on the right,
which was located some 200 feet away from the office of the town's police chief.


(left): Cowen was told that seventeen people burned to death when these Jewish homes
were set afire by pogromchiks. (right): The house of a Christian who was friendly to
the Jews also was destroyed by anti-Semites during the 1905 pogrom.


(left): The ruins of the Talmud Torah. (right): Tenement section of town.


New construction in Kalarash after the pogrom.

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