at Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Flushing, NY

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Gravestone of Joe and Bella Einbinder

Gravestones of Joseph and Bella Einbinder
at the Kalarash plot in Mt. Hebron Cemetery

In the 1920s, a plot was purchased by the Kalarasher Bessarabier Progressive Association in Mt. Hebron Cemetery located in Flushing, New York. The plot is at Block 40, Reference 9, Section E-F of the cemetery. As of 2007, there were 121 burials in the Kalarash plot, the earliest of which took place in 1927 and the most recent in 2003.

Although there is no marker identifying the area of the Kalarash landsmanshaftn plot, it is not difficult to find. Just off the path at Block 40, one can see the large double-gravestone of the Association's founding president Joseph Einbinder and his wife Bella (photograph above). There is a sizeable empty field behind the Einbinder graves, beyond which are several rows of other gravestones of people associated with the Kalarash landsmanshaftn.

Mt. Hebron Cemetery has an excellent search engine on line. To obtain a list of all those who are buried in the Kalarash landsmanshaftn plot, go to the "Society" window of the search engine and enter the name "Kalarash". The return will include the names of the deceased, the location of each grave, and the deceasedís date of death. The Mt. Hebron website also notes hours that the cemetery is open and directions to the cemetery.

Isidor Waxman grave Fannie Waxman grave Hyman Waxman grave Ida Singer grave

A selection of gravestones from the Kalarash plot at Mt. Hebron Cemetery

Jacob Waxman grave

Grave of Kalarash landsman
in Mt. Zion cemetery.

Prior to the purchase of the Kalarash plot in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, there was no one cemetery in which Kalarash landsleit were buried. However, it is known that some of them were interred in the plots of other Bessarabian landsmanshaftn societies. For example, the Independent Chotiner Bessarabier Society has a burial plot at Mt. Zion Cemetery in Maspeth, NY, in which people from Kalarash were buried. Mt. Zion Cemetery also has an on-line search engine. If you cannot locate the grave of someone from Kalarash, it might be wise to see if the person is buried in Mt. Zion or other cemeteries with Bessarabian landsmanshaftn burial plots. The Jewish OnLine Worldwide Burial Registry also should be consulted.

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