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Welcome to Bukowsko, Poland!

(בוקאווסק ,Bakavsk, Bikavsk, Bikovsk, Bukovska, Bukivs’ko)

(Latitude 49°29´, Longitude 22°04´) ~ 196.6 miles SSE of Warsaw




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                                                                                         *** 6 Charity Contribution Lists  (c.1930) ***

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Town History ~


(Town Seal – date unknown)



Jewish Statistics from Cadastral Records – 1766

Rymanów 245 persons
Nowotaniec 74 persons
Nadolany 7 persons
Bukowsko 56 persons
Jasliska 9 persons
Rogi 7 persons
Jacmierz 15 persons
Brzozow 11 persons
Jasienica 58 persons
Zarszyn 8 persons


Source : Manuscript Ossolineum 2502/II , 114 r. - 115 r.
by Kronika , Pr. E. Tomaszewski,
Prepared by Marek Silarski.


Maps/Province Information ~

Source: Sefer Dynow; sefer zikaron le-kedoshei kehilat Dynow she-nispu ha-shoa ha-natsit(The memorial book of Jewish Dinov) 1979



§  Bukowsko Today (Expedia)

§  Town Location (MapQuest)

§  Bukowsko Region (includes maps for Bukowsko, Dynow, and the Bukowsko Region)



§  When a part of Galicia - Bukowsko was in the Administrative District of Sanok.  Bukowsko is, also, listed as part of the Administrative District of Sanok and the Province of Lwów  in the “1929 Polish Business Directory”.

§  Until recently – Bukowsko was in the Administrative District of Krosno

§  Today - Bukowsko is in the Administrative District of Podkarpackie

                        Are you confused, yet?


People & Places ~



"Nazwiska Z~ydowskie z akt sadowych Bukowska (z lat 1926-1946)"
"Jewish Names from Documents of Bukowsko County 1926-1946"

David BABIERER; Hersch BEER; Chaja BEILA; Efraim BERGLASS; Chaima / Perle / Sara,/ Hersch / Chana BRAND; Teodor CHARAMAN; Pinkas DORLICH; Basia FARBER; Hersch FEIT; Berta FESSEL, Izaak FIALENBERG; Adaf FRIED; Silka / Debora FRIEDMAN; Mendel FUCHNER; Filsch GEMINDER; Mojzesz GLANZBERG; Jakub GLEICHER; Zlata GRUN LANG; Izaak GUNBURG; Chaim GUNSBURG; Samuel HERZIG; Izrael HESKUS; Leopold HIRSCH; Papka HOLLENDER BARBER; Salomon and Samuel JOSSEL; Srul / Sandra KATZ; Kulaszne KERN GABRIEL; Perl KLIJOW; Berisch / Nachim KNOBEL; Millech KORNREICH; Matha, LAI; Raud LENTEL; Amalia LISZNER; Berisch LOWI; Leib LOWIN; Izrael MAJER WILK; David MALZ; Rachela / Mindla MARKIEL; Fulse / Efraim MELLER; Schacher PINKAS; Friedy PLANKER; Mindla RAUCH; Lemel REND; Regina ROT PLASNER; Leon ROTCH; Roza ROTSCH KATZ; Chana Ryfka / Rachela SCHACHNER; Channa SCHELLER; Suss SCHLIESSELFELD; Eisig SCHWERD; Luzan STEFFNER; Peisech STERN; Chaima STRENGER; Abraham Izaak SYNSONOWICZ; Sara SZPONDER; Malka Gilka / Abraham TANENBAUM; Chaja Laja TEICHTEL – CHOROWITZ; Ilka TRIRKA; Izaak WEG; Chaja WEISTEN; Ruchli WEITCHMAN; Lacia WERNER; Mendel / Regina WILDSTEIN; Hersch / Estera WILLNER; Izaak WOLF PENNER  (prepared  by Marek Silarski)


Travel with the Schwerds through Bukowsko! (Video link will download to your computer)

Description: Mr. Bernard Schwerd, born in Bukowsko, Poland, visits his childhood hometown on September 12, 2005, for the first time in 63 years after being forced to flee after the invasion of the Nazis in 1942 . His family escaped and miraculously survived the war, settling in Brooklyn N.Y., in 1948. On this trip, the first Mr. Schwerd has taken to his hometown since escaping as a child, he is accompanied by his son, Neil (Yecheal) and his nephew, Moishe, son of his late younger brother, Abraham Schwerd. Running Time: 26 min 27 sec  (This film Courtesy of Neil Schwerd)

The Writings~

"Erech Chaim" or "The value of Life"

This is the title page of a book published in Bukowsko titled "Erech Chaim" or "The value of Life".  The name is a play on words of the author's name, R' Chaim, son of Yisachar Berish of Bukowsk. The author's name appears toward the bottom of the page. He is descended from the holy Rabbi of Berditchiv. The book was printed at the author's expense on the fine printing press of R' Mendel Muschel-Sanok-1912. The word 'Verlag' at the bottom indicates the author is Chaim Futernik, which is also written in Hebrew below this line in English letters. The bulk of the page is simply an explanation of what the reader will find in this book. It is about understanding the meaning of unfamiliar words in the Talmud and Midrash, and is arranged in alphabetical order. There is an indication, also, that this is the first volume. Therefore, there may be additional volumes.


Original Documents ~




                      NEW! 1853 Bukowsko Cadastral Records NEW!    

              **  1772 Town Inventory - (includes  Moszkowicz, Arendowicz ,Krolicki …)

               ** “Lost Jewish Records  Spis Parafianlny – Volume 2"

               **  Rabbi Meir Baal HanessCollel  - Bukowsko Charity Lists –Circa 1930s

                  **  Lista Platnikow Skladki - 1935 (.pdf file listing Jewish residents names)

               ** Erech Chaim’ or ‘The value of Life’ (a title page)

               ** “1891 Galicia Business Directory” – Names & Occupations (Jewish Residents)

               ** "1929 Polish Business Directory" (Type “Bukowsko” to see the original page)


      from the ”Spis Parfianlny” located by Debbie Greenlee         


                                                                    “1929 Polish Business Directory”

Ksiega Adresowa Polski (Wraz z w.m. Gdanskiem dla Handlu, PrzemysluRzemiosl I Rolnictwa)

(To see the original page (Polish/French) in the directory click on the above link)

Doctor: Abraham Holler
Lawyer: J. Ringel and E. Zuk
Notary: Witold Witoszyski
Land Owner: Kazimierz Rodkiewicz (231 hektars)
Store Merchant: A. Storn
Midwife: F. Cytlan and Katarzyna  Szaszowska
Pharmacist: Klara Appel
Tinsmith: M. Berger
Fabric merchant: S. Dobras, W. Pinter, and S. Stern
Carpenter: M. H____ and J. Sokol
Savings and Loan:: Kasa Stefczyka  (registered  business)
Import Items: D. Binder, J. Ehrlich, L. Gunzberg, Fr. Langzam, L. Pinter,  and T. Szmerlowska
Stonemason: K. Stebnik
Horsemarket: I. Gunzberg and L. Gunzberg
Co-op: Polish Trade Cooperative; registered business
Beauty Products: P. Zablotny
Blacksmith: J. Liwacz
Tailor: M. Werner
Sewing Supplies: A. Senk
Bookstore: N. Idler
Kitchen items: R. Werner
Bricklayer: M. Fajczewicz and M. Hertig
Musical Instruments: N. Idler (sales)
Dairy: S. Katz
Shoes: W. Feigenbaum and H. Lustig
Baker: S. Haselmus, Ch. Schnell and S. Schuff
Sundries: M. Kellerman, Polish Trade Business; registered business
Kosher Butcher: P. Chrzaszcz, J. Luczynski, S. Wrobel
Leather: M. Klein
Cabinetmaker: J. Zablotny
Shoe repair: Dabrowski, F. Orlowski and M. Wialgus
Sawmill: Sz. Stern (waterwheel)
Tobacco: S. Mazur
Clothing: D. Malz and S. Schonberg
Pork Butcher: Kubasiewicz
Liquor: S. Barth, Ch. Gunzberg, J. Idler, Sz.
Muller, J. Pieszczach, A. Pinkas, M. Rebkom, L. Rokach,   M.Wilk and S. Felbusch.
Grain: Fisch and I. Gunzberg
Iron worker: M. Ehrlich, M. Langsam and M. Rand


Jewish Cemetery ~



The photos above were taken in April of 2007 by Marek Silarski after a renovation at the Bukowsko Jewish Cemetery.


(Far Left) Cemetery direction marker

(Middle) Gravestone on the right, “Here lies the upright and righteous person Mr. Yaakov Yosef, the son of Yitzchak Isaac. Died 13 Iyyar 5643 (Sunday, May 20, 1883)”(Translation by Neil Schwerd

(Far Right) The sign at the cemetery entrance appears to be a history of the cemetery and is written in Polish.  There is no English translation at the present time.  The two gravestones from the center photo are seen in the distance of this photo.


To see similar photos including additional gravestones, go to “Jewish Cemetery Photos – 2008” – see link below.


         *above photos and information courtesy of Debbie & David Greenlee

The Jewish cemetery site was visited on 6 August 1992. Cemetery: forest, 3 km E of village center. Present population is 1,000-5,000 with no Jews.1921 Jewish population (census) was 623 persons. Orthodox Jews used this cemetery. The isolated wooded hillside has no sign or marker. Reached by crossing private property, access is open to all with no wall, fence, or gate. The size of the cemetery is 0.5 hectares. No gravestones are visible. Stones were incorporated in roads or structures in the premises of the Agricultural Circle in Bukowsko. The cemetery is now overgrown by young forest. Properties adjacent are agricultural. Private persons visited rarely. The cemetery was vandalized during World War II with no maintenance. There are no structures.

[Source: As reported by the US Commission (No. POCE000718)]

Bukowsko Cemetery (Jewish), located 3 km E of the village. The year of establishment is unknown. Size 0,5 hectares, not fenced in, demolished, only a few gravestones have been preserved. 
(Source: Pamiatki i zabytki kultury zydowskiej w Polsce by Przemyslaw Burchard, Warsaw (1990) p. 225-226)


Immigration ~

Termination of Polish Citizenship

The names below were obtained from a list of almost 1,500 names of Jews who - in order to emigrate - had to renounce their Polish nationality. This took place prior to the year 1939. The original documents contain destination, occupation, comments, and photographs.  Those wishing to obtain copies of the original document - and hence ALL of the information - should E-mail the Krakow Archives by




 Date & Place of Birth

 Family Members



 14.08.1911 Bukowsko

 pow. Sanok Reizla Katz



 14.09.1906 Bukowsko

 Chaim i Rachela


Ellis Island: Immigrants from Bukowsko from 1892-1924

(List of over 75 Jewish immigrants, who had resided in Bukowsko, has been deleted due to copyright restrictions of the Ellis Island Foundation.)

Surnames include: Berger, Birndorf, Braun, Chinsberg, Diller, Engel, Figer (Maid), Frankfurt,Gottieb, Katz, Kellerman, Kellermann, Kern, Klepcsyk, Knobel, Korneich [Kosnreich, Korwisioh], Kratz, Lerner, Lustig, Malamet, Mayeowitz, Meller, Mellinger, Neller, Pinkas(?), Rabbi, Raff, Rand, Rasner, Rubisch, Salzmann, Schiff, Schmidt, Schupowitz, Urysz, Weingarten, Weinstein, Winter, Wrubel, Zins [Ziws]. (If you see one of your surnames spelled very oddly, this could be due to a transcription error.  Try searching using this wrong spelling and you might locate a ship manifest that has eluded you for years.)

(to locate someone go to: Steve Morse Website at: )

Due to the spelling variations used and/or a transcription problem, be aware that the town name may appear as: Bukowsko, Bukowska, Bokowski, Bekowska, Bnkowsko, Bokowska, Bukowsbo, Bukowko, Bwkowsko, Bukow..., Bukowka, Bukovsko, Rukowska, Boiska, and  even Bunkuonsko!

World War II in the Bukowsko Area ~



In everlasting memory to the martyrs of the Bukowsko community
and the vicinity (Galicia)

May the Lord revenge their blood who were murdered and slaughtered by sword and in the gas chambers by the Germans and their Collaborators

May their name be blotted during the Holocaust 5702 (1942) their sacred memory will remain in our souls for eternity memorial day 27 of Elul (September 9)

May their souls be bound up in the bond of everlasting life - in remembrance from the townsman of Bukowsko in Israel and the Diaspora

(Another photo of this plaque can be located on page 598 of the “Sanok Memorial Book”).


Photo courtesy of Neil Schwerd







Sanok District – Jews Killed by Nazis in 1939-44





                                                                                                                                                                                                            STERN Szloma -                    killed in June 1942
                                                                                                                                                                                                            GOLDKLANG Golda -          born in 1899 in Lesko - killed on 15.08.1942
                                                                                                                                                                                                            GRABER family -                  killed on 15.08.1942
                                                                                                                                                                                                            JERMEREK -                         a child - killed on 15.08.1942
                                                                                                                                                                                                            MENASZKO -                        killed on 15.08.1942
                                                                                                                                                                                                            NEJECH Abram PINTER with two sons - killed on 15.08.1942
                                                                                                                                                                                                            PLUBER family -                   killed on 15.08.1942
                                                                                                                                                                                                            SIGEL' three brothers -          killed on 15.08.1942
                                                                                                                                                                                                            STERN family -                     killed on 15.08.1942
                                                                                                                                                                                                            SZMERLOWSKI Srul -         killed on 15.08.1942



JewishGen Holocaust Database

JewishGen’s Holocaust Database is a collection of databases containing information about Holocaust victims and survivors.  As of January 22, 2005, the Holocaust Database incorporates 74 databases, which contain over 900,000 entries. It is a work in progress with additional lists being added, as the data is transcribed. The people listed below resided in Bukowsko at some point.  Additional information appears for each individual on the database itself.  If you recognize a name and would like to see if additional information is available for this person, please go to: and search using the surname.  If you want more information on the database associated with one of the people listed below, just click on the hyperlink next to the name.  To see a list of all databases included on the Holocaust Database, go to: and scroll  down just a bit to “Component Databases”.

BECK (GRÜNN), Chana (born 15 Apr 1888) – Temporary Passports for Jews in Germany 1938 to 1941

BEDNARZ, Andreas (born 14 Jan 1912) – Dachau Concentration Camp Records

BERGLASS, Salomon (born 1912) - Polish Jews Liberated from the Bergen-Belsen Camp - 2A 

FISCHMechel (born 15 Jan 1904 / died 30 Oct 1939)– Unpublished List of Polish Men Murdered in Buchenwald in 1939

GRÄBERHersch (born 18 Feb 1908)   Dachau Concentration Camp Records

MARKEL, Chasim (Chaim?) (born 19 Apr 1881 ) – Vranov Transport Lists

MARKEL, Sara (born 9 Jun 1883 )Vranov Transport Lists

TYM, Jakub (born 1896) - Surviving Jews in Poland - the Krakow Committee List -15 


“Central Database of Shoah Victim Names”

This database went online on Nov. 22, 2004 and there are 381 Holocaust Victims associated with the town of Bukowsko

 (some names may be repeated)



Yad Vashem List (Pages of Testimony)

Appel, Jetty

Balbirer, David

Balbirer, Faiga

Balbirer, Gitl

Balbirer, Rosa

Baldinger, Ernestine

Banach, Sara

Baumol, Pinchus

Baumol, Raizel

Baumol, Sosha

Baumol, Yehoshua

Baumol, Yosef


(Click here for hundreds of additional names)

For more detailed information/searches:


* This typed list has not been updated since it was compiled.  If you do not find a name you are searching, go to the Yad Vashem site and check there. If you do locate a name of interest, go to the Yad Vashem link to read the “Page of Testimony” for that person.



Those who perished at Auschwitz


Luczynski, Eugeniusz (1911-04-07 - 1942-06-10) Catholic
Majdecki, Wiktorja (1917-03-22 - 1942-11-05) Catholic

Pietrzycki, Jan (1915-06-25 - 1942-09-07) Catholic

Rebhun, Markus Israel (1903-04-27 - 1942-06-21) Jewish
Rosen, Mojzis (1898-02-16 - 1942-12-01) Jewish
Schiff, Etel (1910-09-28 - 1942-07-08) Jewish

Wallach, Naftali (1924-04-23 ÷ 1942-05-21) Jewish


Source: Auschwitz-Birkenau Database at: 

            (Search using the 'surname' in the area labeled "Nazwisko


The Bukowsko Yizkor Book Section is now online!!!

A major thank you to William Leibner (translator) for bringing our little shtetl’s past back to life!   For a list of Bukowsk residents mentioned in this book, please click here and scroll down toward the bottom of the page.

Sefer Zikaron le-Kehilat Sanok ve-ha-Siviva

(Memorial Book of Sanok and Vicinity)

Edited by: Eliezer Sharbit ~ Published in Jerusalem, 1970

(Bukowsko section -pages 579-605) In English

To see a digitized version of the original yizkor book at the New York Public Library Site, Go to:

* Mini-biographies of the following people are located on pages 595-597. (R’ Eliyahu Posner - R’ Tuvia Rand - R’Moshe Rebhuhn – Stern Family (R’ Yitzchak Stern) – R’ Yehuda Schpatz) [If you can read Hebrew, and can assist translating these names properly, please contact me.]

** Photo: R’ Josef Roth(606) & mini-biography(306)   Photo: R’ Chaim Ruttenberg(606) & more information (60)  Photo: Leibish Segal(607)   Photo: Itte Silberman, wife of R’ Mordechai Silberman(607)   Photo of painting: Itte Segal, wife of Leibish Segal(609)  Photo: R’ Shlomo Amster(610) and mini-biography(275-276)   Photo: Tsvi Schwartz(610) and more information(61)  [click on Resemblances and Images to see online photos]


After the passing of the Tzadik of Sanz, Rabbi Elazar became the head of the Rabbinical court of Bokowsko.               

Source:  Rzeszow, Poland: Kehilat Raysha; sefer zikaron (Rzeszow community; memorial book) 1967


Bukowsko Family Trees” – to add yours contact webmaster


Raff /Sicherman / Meisner Family Genealogy

RAFF / SICHERMAN / MEISNER/ KATZ / HAUBEN / ZWICK / HILLER / FISH/FISCH /  from Nowy Zmigród / Bukowsko / Brzozow / Dukla / Korczyna & Dynow - Poland

HERBACH /BIRNBAUM / SINAJ / KRISCHER / SCHNEIER from Nowy Sacz, Poland; Hethars, Hungary (now Lipany, Slovakia)

LAWNER / KORNFELD / WEITMAN / JURMAN from Husiatyn, Ukraine



My paternal great Grandparents: YehoshuaOsias’”SzyyjaRAFF & Necha SICHERMAN of Bukowsko, Poland.  Osias RAFF is listed in the 1891 Galician Business Directory (Occupation: Watchmaker)

They had 4 children: Jacob Zev ‘Wolf’, Marcus ‘Max’, Esther, & Rusa ‘Rose’.

Wolf is my grandfather.  Both Max and Wolf immigrated to the United States.  Esther and Rose immigrated to Cuba where they married into the ZWICK family.  Esther married Leon ZWICK and Rose married Israel ZWICK.

In the 1960’s many of the Cuban RAFF / ZWICK / FRANKEL family moved to the United States.

My grandfather, Jakob Zev (Wolf) RAFF(born 21 August 1886/died 17 January 1982) of Bukowsko married Yittela "Yetta" MEISNER (born 8 September1880/died 20 September1962) of Nowy Zmigród. Her father was a mohel/Shochet in  Nowy Zmigród for 41 years (first record entry April 11, 1877 - 1918) His son, Lipa,, followed him from 1918-1939.

They lived in Nowy Zmigród where they had 3 children: Yehudith(Ida), Eisik(Ike) & Israel(James). James was my father. Wolf immigrated to New York (USA) in 1922 and is followed in 1928 by his wife, Yetta and their 3 children.

Wolf owned a small jewelry store on Clinton the Williamsburg Bridge on the Lower East Side of NY for over 50 years.  He was an active member of the Brezower Landsmanshaft.









The Raff Family (top photo on left): (standing) Ida Raff Frankel (my aunt), Isaac Raff (my uncle), (sitting) Yetta Meisner Raff (my grandmother) holding Israel "James" Raff (my dad) Photo taken in Poland

Wolf Raff Family (bottom photo on left):

Wolf and Yetta’s children are:

At the age of 6 (1928), my dad (James) left Poland with his mother and siblings to reunite with his father in New York.  He served in the U.S. Army during WWII; was an active member of the Jewish War Veterans; and a volunteer coordinator for his local police department, until his death in 1999. He practiced his Yiddish by translating some stories from the Sanok Yizkor Book for JewishGen. For More Information, email: Debbie Raff



Schwerd / Ginzburg Family Genealogy






To be the left is a picture of my great-grandfather, R' Shlomo Zalman (Salamon) Ginzburg. He passed away in the 1930's. So, 

this picture may have been taken around 1890. He is buried somewhere in the Jewish cemetery in Bukowsko. He was the

father-in-law of Isaac Schwerd. (see photo directly below this one)


“Selling of liquor was a government monopoly and one had to bid for the license. Mordechai Wilk and Shlomo Ginzburg owned the liquor license of the township that in effect gave them control over the sale of all alcoholic beverages in Bukowsk and the surrounding areas.” ~ from Bukowsko section of Sefer Zikaron le-Kehilat Sanok ve-ha-Siviva

 (Memorial Book of Sanok and Vicinity) at:

Photo to the left : Courtesy of Neil Schwerd







faces_image004My grandparents were Isaac (see photo on left) and Sara (Ginzberg) Schwerd.  They lived in

Bukowsko along with their 5 children – Bernard (born 1929), Abraham, Leo, Regina (Rivka)

Sprecher nee Schwerd and Bella Reich nee Schwerd.


They all left Bukowsko in1941, the day before all the Jews were ordered to appear at the town

square and all the Christian neighbors were ordered to take a Jewish family to the train station.

It was on a Friday night under the cover of darkness that they escaped into the woods after lighting

the Shabbos candles. The Jews were ordered deported on Sunday. Everyone survived and this

branch of the family all now live in New York.


More information on Isaac/Eisek Schwerd is found at:

Source of this Schwerd Photo and the one below: “Sefer Zikaron le-Kehilat Sanok ve-ha-Siviva”[1970]













My grandfather’s first cousin was Chaim Schwerd. Chaim was brought to Sanok by Isaac, who had earlier married and setttled in nearby Bukowsko. Isaac introduced Chaim to Chaya Sarah, and they eventually  married.

Chaim became a shochet (ritual slaughterer) in Sanok, due to my grandfather, Isaac, arranging for him to get this position.  Sadly, Chaim perished in the Shoah along with most of his family.

His son, Elazar Sharvit (Schwerd Hebraicized), and a daughter, Judith Shkedi nee Schwerd survived.  They had joined the Zionist Movement and  settled in Israel prior to World War II. Both

married and raised families there.


Elazar Schwerd (Sharvit), who was the author of Sefer Zikaron le-Kehilat Sanok ve-ha-Siviva (Memorial Book of Sanok and Vicinity), passed away in Jerusalem in 1988, and Judith Shkedi (Schwerd),

 his sister, passed away in November, 1999. 



 top row: Chaim Schwerd is in the center, surrounded by his two sons Meir and Elazar

 middle row: L-R: Judith Shkedi (Schwerd), Chaya Sarah (Chaim’s wife) and Lea (daughter-in-law) holding Pinchas (grandson)

 bottom row: L-R: Hinda (daughter) and Zissel (grandaughter)


More information on Chaim/Chayim Schwerd is found on Page 128-130 of Sefer Zikaron le-Kehilat Sanok ve-ha-Siviva (Memorial Book of Sanok and Vicinity).

Go to and click on Images No. 144/144/145) –Hebrew(not translated into English)


Contact Neil Schwerd regarding the SCHWERD/GINZBURG Families






Finkelstein / Weigler Family Genealogy


Moshe Meir Finkelstein and his wife, Tune Weigler Finkelstein (see photo to left) lived in Bukowsko.  They had at least 6 children – known names are: Mordche Berysch (born 1894/ Sasów), Lifsha, Dovid, Esther and Jacob.  Only Esther and Jacob survived. the Shoah.

Moshe was a schochet, who came from Brody, Ukraine.  Originally, he was a Belzer Hassid.  Since Bukowsko had no doctor during the war, and he was familiar with medicine, he was called on to assist the townspeople, who called him ‘doctor’.  He took no fees for his visits.  You can read more about “Moshe Meir Finkelstein, the Shochet” in the yizkor book at:


Their son, Jacob, left before the war and moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He had 2 children. Their daughter, Esther, lived in Bukowsko for awhile and married Tzvi Hersh Lowenbrown. They had 5 children, but 3 died in Bukowsko.  At this point, they moved to Charleroi, Belgium, with their other 2 children – Sara and Manya.



Sara was killed, but we do not know where. She had been sent to work  somewhere and never returned.  Manya moved to Israel via an illegal Aliyah and she lived on Kibbutz Ein Hanatziv for the remainder of her life.


Toba was their youngest daughter (my mother) and was born in Belgium. She was hidden in a monastery during the war.  Toba and her parents moved to Wisconsin after Jack(Jacob) acquired papers to get them out of Belgium.


We heard that Moshe Meir and his family were burned alive in a shul in Bukowsko, but this has not been verified.


For more information, email Tanya Klein (great granddaughter)






Honig /Kornreich Family Genealogy












My father, Zeisha Honig (known as Sol from 1951) was born in Bukowsko in1925. In 1971 he migrated to Melbourne, Australia  via New York (in 1951) in order to join his brother who moved to Australia in 1947. He died in Australia in1996. 


I know a little of his origins from what he told me years ago, and I have found out more details after viewing his brother, Tuvia's recorded testimony at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum. Tuvia (known as Tibi) was born in 1920 and died in 2001. He was the oldest of the 4 Honig children (who survived infancy), sisters - Irene and Claire were born in between the brothers. Their father, Shlomo Honig, apparently spent much of his time in Hassidic study, but owned a small shop in Bukowsko, as well. Their mother's (Hoodis) maiden name was Kornreich. She died in 1938.


Zeisha (my father) worked at Zaslaw labour camp [Note: Zaslaw is formerly known as Zaslawie. Zaslaw is located 8.5 miles ENE of Bukowsko.] before Bukowsko was evacuated in 1942. His brother and sister Irene survived the war (Irene dying in Antwerp, Belgium in 1957), but his father and Claire died in what I believe to be Belzec concentration camp.


For more information, email Joshua Honig (son)


The Honig Family – Circa 1938 (Photo on Left)

Seated: (Left to Right) Sussman "Zeisha/Sol"  Honig, (his mother) Hoodis Kornreich Honig, (his maternal grandfather) Nachym Kornreich [Nachym Kornreich can be found in the Spis at:  - House #98]

Standing: (Left to Right) (his sister) Irene Honig, (his brother) TuviaTibiHonig, (his cousin) name unknown at this time.

*Not Pictured – (his sister) Claire Honig – “she was a redhead with a very sweet and kind nature.”






Balbirer / Kessler Family

4142189_Balbirer Mendel with his sisters_standing Feiga sitting  from the right Basha and Gitel_25 6 1937_p44109_Mauthausen (2)



My grandfather: Dawid Balbirer, born in 1891 in Lesko - was a tinsmith and also, a glazier

My grandmother-Rosa Balbirer nee Kessler, born in 1894 in LeskoRosa had a daughter, Bina (from her 1st marriage).  Bina was married to Shlomo Knobel(Knebel) and they had young children.

Also, my grandmother was a proprietor of a grocery store where she, also, sold tobacco. She obtained a government license due to the fact that her 1st husband died in the war (WWI). Since Rosa was proficient in German, people used to come to her for help in reading/writing letters. She, also, helped her husband, Dawid, in the family business.

Their 4 children, Feige(1920), Mendel(1922), Gitl(1925), and Basia(1927) , were all born in Płonna (8.5 km from Bukowsko). The family later moved to Bukowsko.

Sadly, both of my grandparents perished in 1942 at Belzec. Rosa had been chosen to ride the transport, but Dawid had not. Dawid did not want to leave her alone. So, he joined her, but, not before appointing my father, Mendel, head of the family - in charge of his sisters.


The Balbirer Siblings( photo on left): (standing L-R ) Feige & Mendel (sitting L-R) Gitl & Basia













Feige hid in the forest and when she came to the village to get food she got caught in the process. She died in Bukowsko in 1942.

My father, Mendel, was sent to both Auschwitz and Mauthausen.

Gitl was sent to Auschwitz - she did not survive

Basia was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau – she survived

In 1948 my dad, Mendel, along with my aunt, Basia and her new husband, arrive in Uruguay.

My dad married a local Jewish girl and had 3 children.

Basia had 2 children. They now live in Israel.


Dawid Balbirer (far left) (c.1918-WWI) woman in center & soldier on right (unknown at this time)


For more information, email Shosh Balbirer (Mendel’s Daughter)





Miller Family Genealogy

Shabsi Yitzchak (183? - 1894 [28 Nissan]), son of Pesach Dovid Miller, was married to Esther Pinter (183? - 1892 [11 Iyar]) of Bukowsko, Galicia, and they had 10 children. Shabsi was a very wealthy man and was politically connected with the Kaiser Franz-Joseph of the Austrian empire. Shabsi received a blessing from the Divrei Chaim (R. Chaim Halberstam of Nowy Sacz) for wealth. They had a close relationship and two of Shabsi's children married into the Sanz dynasty. Shabsi was very charitable, even paying for the entire weddings of non-family members, at the behest of the Divrei Chaim.

·        Yakov Hersh (185? - 191?) was married to Taube Lerer. They lived in Nizhankovichi, Galicia (Ukraine, today), & had 9 children. Many of them perished in the Holocaust.

·        Sholom  (1857/61 - 1926 [Purim]) of Bukowsko, Galicia. He was married to Brucha Kanner & they had 8 children. A picture exists showing Sholom Miller and all seven of his sons

·        Avrohm (1856/63 - Mar 24, 1924 [28 Adar]) was a Shiniva chasid. He was married twice, first to Pushka Werner. He had 3 daughters with her. Pushka died when the children were very small & they were raised by her parents. Avrohm's second marriage was to Gittel, the daughter of Moshe Shamshon Scheindlin. At first he lived in Lubacov (Lubaczow). He then moved to Mudyerotska (Mudjovitz) where he built a beautiful glass and marble house. He even built a glass factory just to make the glass for the house. He came to the US to learn glass making (see Bertha Miller). He also lived in Kvakovitz. Before World War I he moved to Vranov nad Toplou. He had a tremendous estate there, which took several days to traverse on horseback. After World War I it was confiscated. He sent some of his gentile watchman back to the estate but they were murdered. Avrohm had 10 children from his second marriage and at least several were born there. His mukom menucha (place of burial) is in Presov, where he spent his final years.

·        Yocheved (1867/9 - 1909 [6 Iyar]) married Moshe haLevi Rebhun (son of Aron and Raizel). They lived in Bukowsko, Galicia, & had at least 7 children. They also had twins that did not survive infancy. Sarah may have been one of the twins. According to their grandson, Yankel Rebhun, Moshe Rebhun had a brother Max in the USA and a brother Mordche that was dayan in Belz.

·        Basha (1867/69 - 1929 [13 Adar II]) was married to R. Leibleh Rokeach & they had 8 children. The entire family, except for Baila Horowitz, her husband, & 1 son, perished in the Holocaust

·        Pinchus (18? - 19?) of Wieliczka, Galicia. He was married to Tobtcha Weinberg & they had 6 children.

·        Pesach Dovid (1873 - March 20, 1926 [4 Nissan]). He was married to Sarah Hinda, daughter of R. Eliezer Yerucham Baron, of Krakow, a descendent of R. Chaim of Sanz. They lived in Bukowsko, Galicia, & had 3 children. Pesach Dovid last lived in Wien, Austria, where he passed away. A picture of his tombstone was obtained from the Schalom organization. Most of the family perished in the Holocaust.

·        Bayla Chaya (18? - 194?) was married to Hersh Kahan, a descendant of the Kuntros Ha'Sfaikos. They lived in Sighet, Rumania, and had many children. I have been unsuccessful in locating any living survivors from this family, although some facts are known.

·        Sarah? (18? - 19?) Her name is not definitely known, but she was married to a grandson of the Sanz dynasty. They had children.

·        Miriam Malka (1881? - 19?) of Ugnev, Galicia (Ukraine) was married to Yosef Zak & they had 10 children. Only 5 survived to adulthood.


Chaim Leib (c.1783- 1866), son of Pesach Langsam, married a young woman who was an orphan. They had 7 known children. Chaim Leib was able to obtain some land which he farmed successfully. This enabled him to further increase his holdings. and become known as a gentleman farmer. Of note is the fact that quite a few of his grandchildren bore the names of the Bnei Yissochur, Tzvi Elimelech, and his wife, Chana Mindel. Perhaps Chaim Leib's wife was a descendant (daughter or granddaughter).

A complete family tree for the Miller Family can be found at:

For More Information, email: Moishe Miller


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