A Member of Brody's Stamm Family
~ Morris Stamm ~


Morris Stamm, from Brody, and
Sophie Weisser, from Vishnevets,
on their wedding day,
12 August 1900

(St. Louis, Missouri)

        Morris Stamm was born in Brody and lived there until 1891, when, as a 15-year-old boy, he left Brody by himself and immigrated to Canada.  Landing at Halifax, he made his way from Nova Scotia to Port Elgin, New Brunswick.  Though only a teenager, the enterprising Morris soon became a merchandiser, traveling around the area with a pack on his back.  Calling one day at the home of grist-mill-owner David Johnson and his wife Charlotte, Morris was invited to have supper and spend the night.  He soon made his headquarters with the Johnsons, who treated him like their own son.  In fact, it was William Johnson, a young man Morris' age, who loaned Morris the money to immigrate to America several years later.  The former immigrant boy eventually became a prosperous clothing merchant and real estate owner in Galesburg, Illinois, living there for the rest of his life with the childhood sweetheart he had courted while still a boy in Brody and married in the New World.

        Mindful of the loving support he had received from others, Morris Stamm was always generous--aiding many relatives, including some still in Brody, as well as people who were not relatives, and ready to help in any worthy cause.


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