A Member of Brody's Nussbaum Family
~ Dr. Albert Nussbaum ~

The Start of Surgery
Department of Dermatology, Allgemeines Krankenhaus, Vienna, Austria

Photo courtesy of:  Institute for the History of Medicine, Vienna University, Vienna, Austria

Dr. Albert (Abraham) Nussbaum, originally from Brody
and grandfather of Andreas Inhofner, is shown with his left forearm on the patient.
At center front, in dark clothes, is Professor Isidor Neumann, Chief of Surgery.

         Once Jews had attained full citizenship and religious rights in Galicia (after 1867-68), they rushed into the professions, especially law and medicine.  Albert Nussbaum was the son of Dr. Adolf Aron Nussbaum and Rivka Rosalie Guttmann Nussbaum, both of whose graves can be found today in Brody's Jewish cemetery.  Both of Albert's parents seem to have come from distinguished families.  Rosalie's brother, Pinchas Guttmann was Director of a bank in Brody.  The young Albert grew up in Brody and attended gymnasium (high school) there.  Perhaps influenced by his physician father, Albert also chose medicine, leaving Brody for studies in Vienna.  In 1902, while practicing at Abbazia, a health resort on the Adriatic, Dr. Albert Nussbaum acquired as a patient the husband of Bertha von Suttner, who became the first woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905 for her work in behalf of world peace.  When Baron von Suttner died, Bertha von Suttner and Dr. Albert Nussbaum developed a fast friendship that endured for many years.  Because of his relationship with Baroness von Suttner, whose physician he also became, Dr. Nussbaum is mentioned in many von Suttner biographies.

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