ShtetLinks: BRICHEVA, Moldova

Other Names

    • Britchevo
    • Britcheva (Yid)
    • Briceva (Mold)
    • Bricheva (Rus)
    • Briciova (Rom)


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    • Bricheva 2006  [Donated by  S. Weinstein]   
    • Private collection (Sadetsky)
    • Shivviti Plaque - Published in Bricheṿa (Moldavia) in 1866 or 1867. Shivviti plaque with elaborate geometric patterns, representational designs and calligraphy in sepia ink on heavyweight paper. Contains traditional verses, including Psalm 67 written in the shape of a seven-branched candelabrum, a depiction of the Ten Commandments, and kabbalistic inscriptions. Two side columns contain statements in poetic rhyme that since life is short, one should repent before death. On the right side of the plaque there is an acknowledgement of the donors of the synagogue podium, the brothers Tsevi Dov and Shalom Kahana, in memory of their father, Naḥman, and mother, Hinda. On the left side of the plaque, an inscription gives the name of the artist/calligrapher (?), Mosheh Sofer. At the bottom of the page, in a semi-circle at the foot of the menorah, is a statement that the shivviti was done by "ha-mishtadel," Joseph Greenberg of Bricheva. (2007 new acquisition, Library of Yale)

Background Information

o       Culture and Education

o       Trade and Profession

o       Jewish Agriculturists in Bessarabia

o       From The Field


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Books and articles

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