• Bricheva Loan Fund - the local cooperative credit & custody fund.

  • Banca Basarabiei


  • Societati coop Unirea

  • Societati coop de consum


Professions and Trades (Romanian Translation)

    Partial list:

  • Oil press manufacturers (Ulei teascuri)

  • Glassware (sticlari)

  • Wine making

  • Hatter (palarii)

  • Delicatessen or maybe restaurant (birturi)

  • Tinsmith (tinichigii)

  • Blacksmith (fierari)

  • Baker (brutari)

  • Water bearer (cismari)

  • Butcher (macelari)

  • Flour mills (faina)

  • Wool painting

  • Leather worker (pielari)

  • Carpenter (tamplari)

  • Teachers (invatator)

  • Grocery (bacani)

  • Druggist (drogueri)

  • Hairdresser (barbieri)

  • Cotton maker (bumbac)

  • Publican (carcumarie)

  • Watchmaker (ceasornicari)

  • Confectioner or sweet shop (cofetari)

  • Furrier (cojocari)

  • Tailor (croitori)

  • Hosiery (galanteri)

  • Wood / timber (lemne de constructia)

  • Bookshop (librarie)

  • Dry goods sales (manufactura)

  • Soap making (sapun)

  • Mayor (primar)

  • Registrar (notar)


Bricheva Business Directory 1924-1925





 Compiled by Ayana Sadetsky-Kimron
Updated by AK 10 March, 2008
Copyright © 1999 Ayana Sadetsky-Kimron

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