Photos of Borzna

(Taken by D. DuVal on trips to Borzna in '90 and '92)
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Former synagogue (now a fish market)
House in Borzna near synagogue 
Water well on road to cemetery.
Boys waving just outside of cemetery.
Unkept Cemetery Site
Overgrown Grave Site
Typical Borzna transport
Fannye and sister outside of her house in Borzna (Pink dress)
Fannye showing drying apples in backyard
House of Fannye and sister in Borzna
Road leading north  from M3 to Borzna
Gas station (Cyrillic signs say "BENZINE")
Borzna bakery
Bookstore across from restaurant
Borzna River
Entrance to market next to "Synagogue"
Boys before leading way to Jewish cemetery
Boys on bikes leading way to Jewish cemetery
Scene outside cemetery
Typical Borzna home
Selling kvass (KBACC) (slightly fermented drink) in Borzna Square
Borzna street
Another Borzna home



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