Birzh, Lithuania


Birzai-Birzh Memorial Project

Birzai-Birzh Memorial Project

Honouring Memory and Promoting Holocaust Education

in Lithuania

Benny Rabinowitz S.A. Chairman

Ambassador Amir Maimon. Israel

Hon. Consul Paul Berman. S.A.

Abel and Glenda Levitt. Israel

Dr. Joseph Rabie Arch. Paris

Dr. Veronica Belling S.A.

Jonathan Dorfan U.S.A

Merunas Jukonis. Birzai 

Cyril Ferber. S.A.

Danielle Lockwood U.K

27 June 2018

To all those who have expressed interest in the proposed trip to Birzai:

We are sorry to advise that the proposed trip, to visit Birzai for the unveiling ceremony of the Memorial Project has been postponed. There have been significant delays in the granting of permission by the local authorities in Lithuania, and as of today, although progress has been made no final permission for the construction of the memorial has been granted.

We are optimistic that within the next two months final approval will be granted so that we can proceed with the fund-raising and the arranging of the trip.

Our new target date is +- mid-May 2019

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this e-mail

Abel & Glenda Levitt