Birzh, Lithuania


Attached below is the list of murder victims of the massacre on 8th August 1941 in Birzai.

These names, with any additions or corrections will appear on the memorial to be built at the site of the mass grave in the Astrava grove in the Pakamponys forest near Birzai (Birzh).

The format used is what was discussed by the committee formed to plan and put into effect the programme of THE BIRZAI-BIRZH MEMORIAL PROJECT under the leadership of Bennie Rabinowitz of Cape Town, South Africa.  Glenda and Abel Levitt were the couple who brought the idea of a project to Bennie and any correspondence arising out of your posting should be directed to them Glenda & Abel Levitt, fax +972 97447315 tel. +972 97442170. Geula Street 23 apt 27

Kfar Sava ISRAEL


The names that appear on our letterhead as our guiding committee are as follows:

Bennie Rabinowitz S.A. Chairman

Ambassador Amir Maimon- Israeli ambassador to Lithuania

Paul Berman Hon. Consul of Lithuania in C.T. S.A.

Glenda and Abel Levitt Israel

Dr. Joseph Rabie Arch. Paris

Dr. Veronica Belling S.A.

Jonathan Dorfan U.S.A

Merunas Jukonis Birzai

Cyril Ferber S.A,

Danielle Lockwood U.K.


The format that we have used for the names of the victims is as per the attached list of names. The names will appear in Lithuanian, with the family name at the top of the list and with the first names below. If there are two members of families with the same last name and the same first name that name will only appear once. The names were provided by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and translated into English from Hebrew and Yiddish by Dr Veronica Belling of Cape Town.. Later the names were translated into Lithuanian by two historians at the Birzai Museum and presented as you will see in the attachment. Unknown names from the Yad Vashem list will be shown as "Nezinomas" in Lithuanian and "unknown" in English

If readers find names of relatives missing, or errors,  please immediately contact Glenda and Abel Levitt (address above)


FUNDING  The project is awaiting final approval by the Lithuanian authorities. It is expected shortly after which a serious approach will be made to potential donors. Several substantial commitments have already been made.



1.Memorial with names at the mass grave,  The memorial will be only the third such memorial in Lithuania. Memorials already exist in Plunge (Plungyan) and Kedainiai (Keidan). The proposed memorial, designed by Birzh descendant  Dr. Joseph Rabie of Paris will be constructed of Stainless steel with the names cut out.

2.Tolerance Education Centre at Sauleis Gimnasium, Birzai. This Tolerance Centre will be housed in an expanded History classroom. It will join the already functioning 130+ Tolerance Education Centres that have been created throughout Lithuania.

3.Enhanced displays at the Birzai Museum. There is very little in the Birzai Museum in the old castle that portrays the life of the Jewish community of Birzh and its contributions. It is hope to create a Jewish presence with artifacts, photographs, displays.   Birzh descendants who have material to offer are asked to please contact Glenda Levitt.

4. Translation of books and articles. Much has been written about the life of the Jews during about 500 years of Jewish settlement. There is a lot of translation and publishing to be done in order to retain the memory of this town in which about 2400 Jews were murdered. A book of the contribution made by Birzh descendants is proposed.




A tour has been arranged for those wishing to attend the unveiling function on SUNDAY 7th OCTOBER 2018. Details will soon be advertised and will appear on this website of Jewish Gen.


Abel and Glenda Levitt


About Abel and Glenda Levitt and the Birzai-Birzh Memorial Project