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Statistics of the Movement of the Jewish Population in Bialystok 1909-1918

by Jewish Community Council of Bialystok, 

H. Frank, and S. Blankstein 

Published in 1920 in Bialystok


On behalf of BIALYGen, Coordinator Mark Halpern has purchased this very interesting Yiddish language book. The plan is to create digital images of the pages that describe the Jewish Community of Bialystok and translate the data, explanations, and discussion from Yiddish to English. The pages and translations will be added to the BIALYGen website.


This book is a very rare statistical book about the Jewish population in Bialystok from 1909 to 1918, when many ancestors of BIALYGenners lived in the city. During this period, the majority of the city was Jewish. In 1921, there were 39,602 Jews living in Bialystok. This period is also of interest in that it covers the period before World War I, the War period and the German occupation, and the period of the Russian Revolution.

This book contains many tables, diagrams, graphs, and illustrations pertaining to Jewish life in the city of Bialystok. These tables, graphs, etc. describe the births, deaths, marriages, and divorces of the Jewish Community. 

To see the translated Table of Contents, see below. BIALYGen thanks Olga Zabludoff for translating this Table of Contents.

To view sample pages of the book, see below.


In order to present the contents of this very interesting book to Bialystokers in English, we need volunteers who can translate the contents of this 94 page book from Yiddish to English.

If you can help, please contact Mark Halpern.


The fundraising goal for this project is $755, which includes:

  1. Purchase price of this book was $155. 

  2. Translation, if needed, of parts of the book -- $600

To contribute to this project, click here and then select "Statistics of the Movement of the Jewish Population in Bialystok 1909-1918." Please give what you can and support the continued acquisition and translation of documents and publication that bring our ancestors history to light.


I - Births
1 Totals of birth according to gender
2 Totals of birth by month

II - Deaths

3 Total of deaths according to periods: 1909-1913 and 1914-1918
4 Totals of death according to months and seasons
5 Deaths according to age
6 Deaths according to gender
7 Totals of death according to age and gender
8 Childhood deaths
9 Comparison of number of births and deaths
10 Causes of death

III - Marriages

11 Total marriages according to month
12 Totals of grooms and brides according to age
13 Average age of groom - bride
14 Divorces and (equal?) marriages
15 Family status of groom - bride

IV - Divorces

16 Totals of divorces according to years
17 Totals of divorces by neighborhood by age
18 The average percentage of divorce compared to the average number of marriages



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Pages 6-7

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Pages 32-33

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Chart II 

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Chart III 

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Diagram 1-4 

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Diagram 17-18 

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