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Let's put order to history

Results were evident after a few minutes. Empty bottles, cans, papers; all this could be seen at the Jewish cemetery in Bialystok.
Yesterday ten young people from Germany, the Ukraine, Canada, the Czech Republic and Poland were busy putting together an area from the 19th century near Wschodnia Street. They were invited by the Poland-Israel citizen Education Center. They are members of a youth international meeting taking place in Treblinka, which has been in existence in the past three years supported by Poland, Czech Republic, in the Ukraine they are led by the German organization ASF -- i.e. Action for Repentance and Service for Peace. The young people sweep up memorial sites and participate in historical workshops.
Jews had been a part of German society, as well as created our own history. However, not much is mentioned about it in our schools. We are here determined to learn more and deeper acquaint ourselves with our own history -- so says Anja Fritz from Dresden about her motives for this visit. Compared to Jewish cemeteries  in Krakow or Prague, the Bialystok necropolis is rather pitiful. The reason, I know, that here there is no Jewish committee capable of taking on this task.
Hopefully soon the cemetery will look better. An America project intends to renovate 30 Jewish cemeteries in Poland. Bialystok Cemetery is on this list.
First of all they must build a wall, clean up and refurbish the matsevot -- so says Lucja Lisowska, head of the aforementioned Poland-Israel Educational Center. It would be great if we had the help of these splendid young people. They have both the passion and the experience. We should explore the possibility of arranging an international gathering in Bialystok.

From Gazeta Wyborcza

Translated from Polish by Rachel Rubinow Patron



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