Berlin, Germany


Susskind Family


From Martin Susskind

Melbourne, Australia

October 2014

Below is the brief summary of my dad and his father's departure from Berlin to Cape Town,

My grandfather:

Alfred Susskind was born in Stuttgart 6/8/1875

Married to Martha Leubuscher 29/1/1900--passed away 9/10/1929--buried in Weissensee Cemetery, Berlin [P]


Fritz Susskind b 1901 passed away young in Stuttgart in 1925

Gretl Susskind b 1903 passed away in London in 1980

Lisl Susskind[Seckel] b 1905, married Julius Seckel, passed away in Bulawayo in 1967

Hans Susskind, my dad, b 1905 passed away in Cape Town on 11 September 1993

My dad left Germany with friends from Berlin. He left from Genova by ship on 25/6/1936 and arrived in Cape Town on 11/7/1936-- have [P] of passenger list on vessel Duilio. I have his pass stamped with permission to leave [P]

I have a postcard with a photo of his dad and 2 sisters in Berlin sent to my dad in Cape Town on 7/3/1937.

My dad's father worked in a family business in Berlin and I have a letter [P] from the ''new'' German owners giving him notice from 30/6/1938 due to the aryanization process.

My dad, living in Cape Town, eventually got permission for his father to immigrate to South Africa.   He left from Hamburg, Germany on the boat Windhoek on 16/3/1939 [P] ship, and arrived in Cape Town on 3/4/1939. He fell ill on the trip and passed away in hospital on 19/4/1939 and is buried in Pinelands Cemetery [P] 

Both of my dad's sisters left Berlin in 1939, one going to England and the other to Rhodesia.

My dad married Rachel Joffe, daughter of Max and Annie (Derman) in Capetown at the Gardens Shul on 16 december 1945 and they had the following children - Martin 11/4/47, Norman 19/7/49 & Anne 02/10/56.

German travel document  issued to my dad, Hans Susskind in 1936 enabling him to travel--he travelled to Cape Town by boat in 1936.

Note the swastika on the stamp

for my grandfather to leave Germany

My grandfather Alfred was asked to leave the family business

The ''new owners'' letter to my grandfather Alfred.

The factory building still stands today in Berlin

Alfred Susskind and his 2 daughters in Berlin,

Lisl and Gretl--this photo was a postcard and

messages sent to my dad in Cape Town

Top message is written by ''vater''and then short messages from Gretl and Lisl

Ship Hamburg to Cape Town March 1939

Passenger list to Cape Town

My grandfather passed away shortly after arriving in Cape Town.

My brother, Norman, who now lives is Israel.

My grandmothers grave at the Weisensee cemetery in Berlin


Police Clearance

Tax Clearance

Permission To Leave