Berlin, Germany


StÖszel - Brasch Family


One small branch of my family, Lotti Gusta STÖSZEL and her husband Max Daniel BRASCH, lived in Berlin. 

Lotti was born in 1870 in Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary and her husband was born in Berlin and was a merchant. 

We don't know if they had any children.

From the Terezin Gedenkbuch they were deported to Theresienstadt on 9 Jul 1942 from Berlin, where their address was Eislebenerstr. 9 Berlin W50.  In 1939 their address was Oranienburgerstr. 39 in the Mitte borough.

Lotti was transported to Auschwitz on transport Ea on 16 May 1944. Max died in 1942 in Terezin of "enteritis". 

There is a Claims Conference case on Lotti, Code #109506, Document Code 207.

Judy Petersen

Colorado, USA

Max's death certificate from Terezin. 

He was born 12 Jun 1866 in Berlin and died 23 Nov 1942 in Terezin.

Lotti was born 28 Jun 1870 in Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary.  

She is related to Judy through her father, Cantor Mór STÖSZEL,

who was the brother of Judy’s great grandfather, Cantor Salamon STÖSZEL.

 Photo attributed to: Beek 100 on Wikimedia Commons per their licensing agreement.

 Residential building at Oranienburger Straße No. 39 in Berlin-Mitte.

The house was built in 1891. It is part of the protected historic buildings area Spandauer Vorstadt.

 Residence of Lotti Gusta (STÖSZEL) and Max Daniel BRASCH per 1939 Germany minority census

The Stolperstein (stumbling block) is outside the residence at Eislebenerstrasse 9. 

Though the stone doesn't refer to the BRASCH family, it is still of interest.

Photo attributed to Katharina Finder.

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