BarJewish Cemetery - Bar, Ukraine


Some general information about the formation of ghettos in Bar is available at

Bar was the site of several murder sites such as The Garmaki Road, Ivanovetskoye and the New Jewish Cemetery.

After the Red Army liberated Bar, Jews originating from the area planted trees and fenced off the mass graves, creating the two memorials at the Garmaki and Ivanovetskoye murder sites. They also collected money for two identical stellas, erected in 1964. Each stella bears the following inscription in Russian: “In memory of those who perished at the hands of the German-Fascist occupiers during the Great Patriotic War in August-October 1942”. There are also several mass graves and monuments to those killed in the smaller murder operations at the Old and New Jewish Cemeteries in Bar. They are inscribed with the victims’ family names. (more info

The International Jewish Cemetery Project has a lot of information available at

Yad Vashem has a current List of Jewish Victims from Bar. If you have other names you are aware of, please make them known to us.

On September 7, 1997, Yad Vashem recognized Stepan and Lukerya Grishchenko and their son, Leonid Grishchenko as Righteous Among the Nations.

GarmakiMemorial site bearing a monument near the village of Gaevoe (Garmaki), Bar, erected in 1964

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