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1852 Tradesman List - Photo 1
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1852 Enrollment of tradesmen from other towns into the Bar working class.

Fond 226 / 79 / file 5553

This document was in the original Kamanets Podolsk archive when it was affected by the archive fire of 2003.  It was ‘rescued’ and is now housed in the Archives of Khmelnytskyi Oblast in Khmelnytski Ukraine. It is in rough shape but one of our translators went through and was able to read some of the names and towns they came from. I hope some of you can find this information useful.

Here is a link to further information about the 2003 Fire.

  1. Tsuker
  2. Anshin
  3. Shevel son of Leyzor Kvi...
  4. Ika ( Surname)
  5. Peysakh Kitovsky
  6. Yankel  son of Ovidiya ( Ovadiya)   ....skoy – from Berdichev
  7. Berko son of Vol – from Berdichev
  8. Shafer
  9. Melamud
  10. Meer son of Yankel
  11. Kisel son of Abram Groys
  12. Zeltzer
  13. Roytman
  14. Bychuch
  15. Kushnir
  16. Khaim son of Leyba
  17. Gershko son of Duvid
  18. Mortko son of Yankel
  19. Tsukerman
  20. Mikhel son of Abo (Aba/ Abraham) Mekhlis  and his sons – Fishel and Berko, his brother – Khaim son of Abo – from Proskurov
  21. Shmul  son of Yankel Moreynes and his son Yankel – from Berdichev
  22. Peysakh son of Yudko ??? and his son Mordko – from Medzhibozh
  23. Duvid son of Ios
  24. .... Leybovich Tarla and his son Khuna – from Berdichev
  25. ... Barobtarla and his sons Getsel and Vigdor
  26. Nakhman son of (Aba/ Abraham) Zil..rt and his son Meer
  27. Shoel son of Leyzor Kiyapovsky, his sons Srul, Yankel and Kopel, and Kopel's son Leyzor – from Proskurov
  28. Itsko son of Abram Ik, his son Yankel
  29.  .. ko. son of Vol Luk ... Zelberman and his sons Khuna and Yudko ( newborn) – from Tulchin
  30.   ... son of Mikhel   ...fer and his son Abramko – from  Yaryshev
  31. Meer son of Yankel Zilpert and his son Moyshe
  32. Kisel son of Abram Groys – from Litin
  33. Leyzor son of Vol  ...barg, his son Leyba and grandson Ios – from Berdichev
  34. ... son of Abram Goldshteyn, his son's Duvid and Abramko
  35. Shmo... son of Abram Polischuk and son Aron
  36. Shmul son of Berko Zoninberg, his sons Moshko and Itsko
  37. ... Zeltser, his brother Duvid – from Odessa
  38. Usher son of Abram Barabtarlo, his sons Duvid, Leybish (died in 1854) and Yudko (newborn)
  39. Duvid son of Itsko Shafir, his son Itsko – from Vinnitsya
  40. Abramko son of Gershko Fishov, his sons Duvid and Volf
  41. Khaim son of Leyba Rozenblit, and his brothers Abramko and Yankel. Abramko's sons Nusyn ( Nathan) and Shmuylo. Yankel's son – Khaim. All of them from Minkovsty
  42. Mortko son of Yankel Dorf, his sons Yankel and Ios Leyb ( newborn) – from Sokoltsy
  43. Duvid son of Nukhim Tsukir (Tsuker) – from Medzhibozh
  44. Aron son of Leyb Nironberg, his son Leyba – from Dunaevtsy
  45.  ... (Vol/Volko) son of Abram Polischuk, Polischuk Berko, son Borukh, and Borukh's sons Vol and Yankel ( newborn)
  46. Gershko son of Ios Moreynos, his son Moshko
  47. Khaim son of Aron Trakhtenberg

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1852 Tradesman List - Photo 2
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