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Historic Panemune Maps and Images

18th Century Map of New East Prussia, Showing Poniemon
Vytautas Jakelaitis, Saulei leidžiantis – toks buvimas drauge : memuarai,
Vilnius, 2002, p. 112–113.
Image is used here with permission of the Kaunas County Public Library.
1776 Prussian Map
Image is used here with permission of
1914-1919 Russian map of Westlichen Grenzgebiets (Western Border Region)
Note, on the lower left, the designation of Napoleon’s Hill.
Image is used here with permission of

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Napoleon's Army Crossing the Nemunas in Kaunas,  June 24, 1812
Wood carving. Artist: Dž. Bagetti
Carver: I. Klauberis. St. Petersburg
Taken from:  Отечественная война и русское общество 1812–1912, Moscow, 1912, pp. 144–14 (48 kilobytes)

Image is u
sed here with permission of the Kaunas County Public Library.
Karte des Westlichen Russlands, Sheet O-22 (Kowno), 1914. The publisher is the Kartographische Abteilung d. Koenigl. Preuss. Landes-Aufnahme, cartographic division of the Royal Prussian land survey. (324 kilobytes)

Image was provided courtesy of John S. Jaffer. We made every effort to find a copyright holder of the 1914 map without success. If you know how to reach the copyright holder, please contact Jeff Marx.
From Map Division, Library of Congress, 1935, U.S.S.R, Kaunas P., G7050-S25, L5 , #498
(4.27 megabytes)
Hand-Drawn Map of Panemune 
in the 1940s by Jeff Marx,
based on interviews with Zalman Schames and Ralph Kodikov, Los Angeles, 1988 and 2005
Copyright © 2009 Jeffrey A. Marx
(1.06 megabytes)

Click here for a PDF version of the 1940s map in higher resolution with zooming capability (3.67 megabytes).

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