Polish Jewry



The Early Settlements
Jewish Legal Status
Economic Activity
Cultural and Social Life
1569-1648: Colonization of the Ukraine
Internal Jewish Life
From Chmielnicki to the First Partition
After Partition
Independent Poland
Holocaust Period
Reichsgau Wartheland
Physical Annihilation
Reichsgau Danzig-Westpreussen
Regierungsbezirk Zichenau
Regierungsbezirk Kattowitz
General Government
Warsaw District
Lublin District
Cracow District
Radom District
Galicia District
Bezirk Bialystok
Generalbezirk Litauen and Weissrussland
Generalbezirk Wolhynien-Podolien
Jewish Resistance
Jewish-Polish Relations During the War
After World War II: Rescue of Jewish Children
Renewal of Jewish Life
Cultural, Religious, and Economic Life
The Flight from Poland
Anti-Jewish Excesses
The Soviet Example
Final Liquidation
Relations with Israel
The Change of 1950
Improved Relations in 1956
The Six-Day War
Emigration to Israel
Trade Relations
Developments in the 1970s and Early 1980s
Polish-Israeli Relations
Developments 1983-92
Relations with Israel
In the Mid-1990s