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Moshe Meir Aliovitch, 1894 - 1961

Moshe Meir Aliovitch
1894 - 1961


Elchanan Dov Aliovitch, d. 1952

Elchanan Dov Aliovitch
Died 1952
Hover for family data Wife: Bracha Lazovski
Siblings: Joseph Arie Barkai,
Mordechai Berkovich,
David Berkovich,
& Shaul Berkovich



Peretz Botzer Baidatch, 1910 - 2007

Peretz Botzer Baidatch
1910 - 2007
Hover for family data Parents: Shraga Baidatch & Hinka Lupatin
Wife: Yehudit Alboher
Bilah Baidatch Kuperman

Bilah Kuperman née Baidatch
Sara Baidatch née Berger, 1904 - 1990

Sara Baidatch née Berger
1904 - 1990
Hover for family data Parents: Zvi & Huinda Shtrum
Husband: Joseph Baidatch
Hinka Baidatch née Lupatin, Died 1944

Hinka Baidatch née Lupatin
Died 1944
Shraga Faibel Baidatch, Died 1918

Shraga Faibel Baidatch
Died 1918
Hover for family data Children: Bolha Kuperman, Joseph,
Rivka Hameiri, Chava Aizen,
Yitzchak, & Peretz
Hinka Baidatch née Lupatin; Husband: Shraga Faibel

Hinka Baidatch
née Lupatin
Husband: Shraga Faibel



Yitzchak ben Zeev Blum, 1881 - 1909

Yitzchak ben Zeev Blum
1881 - 1909
Hover for family data Wife: Mina née Shein
Parents: Zeev ben Shimshon Cohen Blum
& Malka Goldenberg
Siblings: Shimson Blum, & Pesia Kremar


Ahava Abramson née Blum, 1892 - 1982

Ahava Abramson née Blum
1892 - 1982
Hover for family data Siblings:
Chana Kremer, Rachel Abrahamson,
Ronka Yaar, Zvi Abraham, & Zion Blum



Abraham Hameiri, 1949 - 1968

Abraham Hameiri
1949 - 1968
Hover for family data Parents: Miriam Zeile & Elimelech Alyuvich Hameiri
Miriam Hameiri née Zeila

Miriam Hameiri née Zeila
Sister: Ida Shor



Leah Cohen, Yavne'el 1911

Leah Cohen, Yavne'el, 1911
(photo: N. Mann, BITMUNA)
Hover for family data Leah Cohen (standing, on right),
Lipschitz's 2nd wife,
Leah's sister Miriam,
Leah's brother Shaul
Miriam Kantor née Herzog, 1904 - 1984

Miriam Kantor née Herzog
1904 - 1984
Husband: Zvi Kantor
Yechiel Berkovich, 1855 - 1926

Yechiel Berkovich
1855 - 1926
Druker Shabtai, 1922 - 1942, 
					Parents: Chaim & Pesia Hurowitz

Druker Shabtai
1922 - 1942
Chaim & Pesia Hurowitz
Tamar Even Kipnis, 1919 - 1997, 
				Parents: Aharon Karon & Luba Benisovitch

Tamar Even Kipnis
1919 - 1997
Parents: Aharon Karon &
Luba Benisovitch
Nehama Guterman née Goldman, b. 1902, 
				Parents: Moshe Goldman & Esther Dvora Drexsker

Nehama Guterman née Goldman
born 1902
Parents: Moshe Goldman &
Esther Dvora Drexsker
Dina Grinker née Falk

Dina Grinker née Falk
Hover for family data Husband: Michael David Grinker
Children: Channa Bloch, Rachel Goldner, Moshe, Zundel, Simcha, & Yitzchak

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