Witbank, South Africa


The Witbank Kehilalink

The goal of this kehilalink is to record the wonderful history and life of the Witbank Jewish Community. 

This Witbank Kehilalink is based largely on the research and work undertaken over many years by Barry Mann.

Barry has included people of Jewish descent and their descendants, who still live in, or who had previously lived in the Witbank district. This includes those in surrounding farms and collieries, out of town concession store owners, as well as Jewish students studying in Witbank from other areas.

If you wish to contribute to this kehilalink, anything from names, family trees, contacts, contacts to other ex-Witbankers, stories or photos, please contact Eli Rabinowitz.


                                                                                                                                               Witbank’s “New” Shul

Location:   Latitude:  25.86° S    Longitude:  29.22° E

133km kilometers NE of Johannesburg & 100 km E of Pretoria. 

2002 population: 185,900.




Witbank Jewish Community group internet web site on Facebook.

This group internet web site is a sharing and news forum, for current and former members of the Witbank Jewish Community. A place to share news, find old contacts, share nostalgia and generally re-connect with the widely dispersed community via the Internet. Here members can add and share text comments, photos and video".