Wieluń, Poland


Bala Abramovitz and her social circle in Wieluń before and during World War II


Bala Abramovitz Bala Abramovitz and friend  Bala Abramovitz in 1936


      Bala Abramovitz and her friends in Poland
2nd f. left - Karola Krzepicka, leader of Shomer Hatzair;
3rd f. left - Bala Abramovitz;
5th f. left - Sarah Iacobovitch, Bala's best friend.
A second sister Topcia (Sonia's friend) and another sister Sala (Miriam's friend) are pictured here, but they are not identified here in the photo.

sister took Miriam (Bala's sister, not shown in this photo) to live with her family after Miriam had spent three nights living in a parked bus in
Palestine. The Krzepicka family owned a candy store on Kaliska Street (good shopping)  in Wielun.  All those in the group photograph perished in the Holocaust.

Photo, right - Miriam (nee Abramovitz)  and  Joe Gelbart,  Palestine, July 18, 1941

Mojtek Zylberberg and his wife,
Abramovitz, during happier times





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