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Podkarpackie Province, Poland

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According to local legend, the name of the village—Wielkie Oczy meaning "Big Eyes" in Polish—was derived from two lakes that no longer exist and that looked from a neighboring hill like two big eyes with the first houses of Wielkie Oczy situated between them.

The administrative divisions of Poland consist of wojewodztwo (province), powiat (district) and gmina (sub-district). Wielkie Oczy, once a town but now a village and sub-district, is located in the district of Lubaczow, in the province of Podkarpackie.

Before the Second World War gmina Wielkie Oczy was part of Jaworow district in Lwow province. At the present time both Jaworow and Lwow belong to the Ukraine.

Wielkie Oczy is very near the border that separates Poland and the Ukraine, and occupies a slightly undulating plain bisected by the bed of a shallow stream called Gron, which flows out of the woods north of the village. To the north stands Lysa Gora, a hill some 264 meters high, and to the south stands Ksieza Gora a hill 242 meters in height.

The sub-district, or gmina, of Wielkie Oczy occupies a territory of 147 square kilometers and consists of 10 villages. The district is sparsely populated and has about 4,000 citizens, of which 1,000 live in the village of Wielkie Oczy. Most villages in the district are in reality little hamlets, and the smallest of these, Wolka Zmijowska, has a population of only thirty-six. The entire area is agricultural in character and approximately 51% of the area is covered with beautiful woods.

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