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My Struggles 1939–1945
Under the German Occupation of Poland


Freda Hoffman Zgodzinski

Freda Hoffman Zgodzinski was born into a large family in Wielkie Oczy. She spent the war years in Poland in and around Warsaw and the Warsaw Ghetto. She witnessed unspeakable tragedies and experienced the loss of parents, siblings, other family members, and friends while trying to survive amidst the ever present terror of Nazi cruelty, round-ups and deportations to work and death camps. This is her story a poignant, heartrending memoir of survival that she wrote in 1993, long after she and her husband Shulim had immigrated to Canada.

Freda, along with her brother Issie and her sister Mania have contributed much, not only about their home village of Wielkie Oczy and life there, but also about their experiences as they each in their own separate way lived through horrendous, dangerous times, experienced great loss, and survived.

The Wielkie Oczy Foundation is grateful to the Estate of Freda Hoffman Zgodzinski for allowing her memoir to be presented for the first time in eBook format as a complimentary download here at the Wielkie Oczy KehilaLinks website.

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