This tablet was placed inside the synagogue as a tribute to the Gottfrieds for their help in funding the construction of the synagogue that stands to this day.

With the help of G-d
To eternal memory
this is made and presented
by the members of the local Jewish community
to a kind-hearted donor,
born in our town, a respectable citizen of New York,
our noble-minded teacher and master Elias Gottfried,
son of the great and G-d-fearing master of Torah, Baruch of blessed memory,
and to his wife, the noble lady Rachel,
who with open and generous hearts contributed
from their property and capital sufficient funds
 for help in renovating,
establishing and completing the building of this synagogue,
which was destroyed during the World War.
G-d bless them forever and give them dignified old age
and a long and peaceful life. Amen.
With gratitude we honor them with this tablet, commemorating
their name forever, until the last generation.
In the year let G-d always have good memories of them.*

Moshe Dominik, Lwów

*The numeric value of the Hebrew letters in the phrase let G-d always have good memories of them gives the year as [5]687, i.e., 1927.

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